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Is it simply me, or are we going spherical the homes with a myriad of the farming organisations that signify us making an attempt to report back to a authorities that is aware of nothing and cares not concerning the business?

We simply must be left to farm and be supported by a contest ombudsman with some enamel to steadiness the facility of monumental supermarkets and cartels. 

Isn’t it time we grasped the nettle and carried on with our transition away from subsidies and authorities handouts and simply received on with farming?

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Doug Dear

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Doug Dear farms 566ha (1,400 acres) of arable land rising wheat, spring and winter barley, maize and oilseed rape and runs a customized feedyard, contract-ending about 2,400 cattle a 12 months close to Selby, North Yorkshire. Most cattle are completed over 90-120 days for 9 deadweight retailers, in addition to Selby and Thirsk markets.


Are we within the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI)? Are we serious about carrying on with the established order? Doesn’t all this support add to the associated fee of manufacturing?

I consider land hire values are relative to subsidies. Is this not an opportunity for these wishing to increase to get some useless wooden out of the business? It could even give the subsequent era an opportunity to get on the farming ladder.

I don’t assume we want grants for us to purchase shiny know-how devised on a whim by individuals who don’t farm. Grants are high quality, however provided that it’s proper for the enterprise, not simply because it’s received a 40% allowance on it.

I’ve a technological boneyard of stuff that both made a easy activity difficult or flat out didn’t work. 

How many individuals went out and acquired a flowery drill after which went again to a fundamental one? There are many examples of authorities schemes distorting good enterprise apply. 

Here’s a radical thought: if we will need to have authorities handouts – for which there can be strings connected – what about land drainage, concrete, buildings or lime?

Or is {that a} bit too “Nineteen Seventies” in that it’s going to profit meals manufacturing?

Call me a luddite (I don’t care). I consider I farm in a sustainable, secure and worthwhile method.

Co-operating with our friends might be the best way ahead. 

On the house entrance, I used to be allotted funds on the proviso that it was for use on the development of a tennis courtroom as, apparently, we have now two potential Wimbledon winners within the household.

There has been a slight deviation from the unique plan, and this has now was what I name a clampenstore (clamp-pen-retailer). As but, no person has observed.

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