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?Horticultural Pumice Soil Amendment – 3 Gal: Excellent for water drainage/aeration/mineral deposit/rising media & improves soilNo matter the scale, Pumice is a lightweight materials. Pumice is a superb alternative because it gives requirements for correct development however mixed with water, it is heavy sufficient to help in holding the plant rooted in placeHelps in fending off gnats, mould & others nuisancePerfect for absorbing extra moisture to stop roots from rottingGreat addition for any house décorSize: 3/8 – 1 – Round, tumbled*Pumice Stone/Rocks naturally varies in colours. They could be pale in colour, starting from white, cream or gray, BUT may also be brown, black, reddish, orange, and inexperienced. Pumice colours are decided by deposit of microcrysts(iron ions) throughout the stone and groundmasses related to the stone. It is a stable type of Lava that erupted from a volcano, so relying on the time, cooling course of, water to magma content material in the course of the eruption, that is what causes pumice to vary in colours. Pumice is a really neat porous volcanic rock with numerous character and good advantages!??***Since this pumice is a recycled product, it can comprise some impurities. Please wash totally earlier than utilizing.** ?Executive Deals is dedicated to offering every buyer with the very best normal of customer support and merchandise.
Three Gallons of Pumice Soil Amendment
Excellent for Water Drainage, Aeration, Minerals, Growing Media, & Highly Improves Soil
Helps Against Root-Rot, in Warding off Gnats & others Nuisance
Great addition for house décor
Size: 3/8″inch – 1″inch (Shapes & Size May Vary)

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