Exclusive: Alex Harz Talks Mount Everest Documentary The Quest: Nepal

The Quest: Nepal follows Alex Harz as he embarks on a journey to develop a deep understanding of the historical past and tradition of Nepal earlier than climbing Mount Everest. The documentary does a superb job of reducing collectively first-hand interviews, climbing motion, breathtaking views, and voiced-over storytelling. In addition to internet hosting, Harz wrote and directed the documentary, which additionally stars Hanuman Baba and Mike Hamill.

The Quest: Nepal might be obtainable to TVOD/Digital Audiences throughout North America starting on May 24, 2022. Ahead of its launch, Harz joined Movieweb to talk in regards to the chic expertise.

“One in 10 million individuals, or lower than one in 20 million individuals have ever stood on the summit.”

A Breathtaking Experience

“It is totally breathtaking,” says Harz, talking of the view from the highest of Everest. “It will get to lots of of miles into Nepal, India, and Tibet. You can see the curvature of the earth… It’s actually nearly one thing that you could’t imagine is humanly potential once you get to take these views in by way of your eyeballs from up there.”


That in-person expertise doesn’t come with out onerous work and preparation, although. Throughout the documentary, there are lots of interviews of climbers explaining the quantity of psychological and bodily endurance required to climb the mountain. It takes 9 days to succeed in base camp earlier than one other 43 to the summit and again.

“Physically, it’s demoralizing in numerous methods as a result of you need to primarily climb Everest 3 times to make it to the highest, and every time you’re employed your manner as much as a better altitude with the intention to generate extra purple blood cells so your physique can survive that extraordinarily hypoxic setting. The factor that’s demoralizing about it’s sure, it’s robust to rise up these altitudes, however then having come all the way in which again down… I’ve by no means been a giant fan of that half in my mountain profession, shedding altitude, since you’ve labored so onerous to achieve it. But sadly, it’s an integral a part of Everest expeditions.”

The Death Zone

Harz refers back to the greater altitudes as The Death Zone, which is highlighted within the documentary. “The oxygen density up there’s one third than it’s down at sea stage… and so you may think about how onerous it’s simply to breathe, stroll, and to maneuver and suppose clearly — it’s extraordinarily troublesome. But what it actually means from a physiological standpoint is that you could solely be there for a day or two max, in any other case you’re going to die… and that’s why it’s known as the loss of life zone. So you need to rise up and out of it as quick as potential as a result of your physique can’t survive at these excessive altitudes for lengthy.”

Yet that is just one of many risks seen within the documentary. Along with The Death Zone is footage of avalanches, harrowing climbs, and large crevasses that may show devastating to fall into. “The first time I stepped foot into the Khumba Icefall, which is on the base of the mountain… individuals say it’s the deadliest two and a half miles on earth. And they name it the deadliest maze on earth. And you get to that first ladder crossing,” Explained Harz, noting how they place ladders over the big crevices with the intention to cross, “that are mainly Home Depot ladders tied along with fishing string, and it may be 5 – 6 strung collectively, and also you’re bouncing up and down and swaying throughout one thousand foot crevasses with just one inch of buy on the entrance on the entrance of your boots… that could be a intestine test. And proper there, you notice issues are actual. You notice how harmful it’s.”

A hazard that viewers can definitely reside vicariously, as pictures might be seen hovering above these crevasses in viewpoint. “That’s the place you need to say, ‘Okay, do I am going additional? Or do I name it a day proper right here?’ That’s the hazard, it hits you proper as quickly as you step foot within the Khumba Icefall.”

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Changes Along the Way

“Everest is a bizarre factor. It’s a freezer-fry situation,” recalled Harz, talking of part of the climb the place he was surrounded by three amazingly majestic peaks. “Mount Everest, Lhotse, and Nuptse, that are simply huge, daunting peaks, sitting proper subsequent to you… and you’ve got that photo voltaic radiation coming off of that snow, so that you’re getting hit from each angle, plus, you’re a lot greater. So, that solar is a lot extra intense by way of the ambiance filtering that it’s actually freezer-fry. So once you’re in a valley it was so cool, and as you’re approaching the bottom of the Lhotse part to attempt to make your manner as much as the upper altitudes of Everest, it may be over 100 levels of warmth index. You’re simply melting, and also you’re peeling layers, and also you’re getting immediately burned. Within a matter of 1 minute, when the clouds come over, the temperature may drop 80 levels.”

Although the modifications will not be restricted to the ambiance, as Harz defined that filming this documentary, and the expertise basically, considerably modified his worldview. “Not simply due to the mountain itself, which after all will change you as a result of all the pieces in your each day life doesn’t appear as excessive or as annoying anymore — proper from the trash man not coming to the mail being delivered a few days late — these little trivial issues simply aren’t important anymore due to the quantity of danger and what it took to climb Everest. But even from a cultural perspective, and a non secular perspective, that engagement of being concerned with the Nepalese individuals for 60 days… you simply actually get so deeply immersed into their spirituality and into their tradition, that you just actually have a unique perspective on not solely life but additionally how humanity works in that entire sphere of life.”

Alex Harz additionally shared that this might be an ongoing sequence and that he’s at present within the strategy of laying out the following few locations, going into preproduction for the following one on the finish of the summer season. For now, viewers can rejoice within the 72 minutes of his first quest.


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