Earning 10 Lakh Per Year from Biofloc Fish Farming – A Success Story, Double Your Profit with Biofloc

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Biofloc Technology (BFT) is seen as a brand new “blue revolution” since vitamins may be recurrently recycled and reused within the progress medium whereas minimizing or eliminating the necessity for water change. BFT is an aquaculture expertise primarily based on in-situ microbe technology that’s environmentally favorable. Biofloc is the aggregation of stay and lifeless particle natural matter, phytoplankton, micro organism, and micro organism grazers that type suspended progress in ponds/tanks.

Earning 10 Lakh Per Year from Biofloc Fish Farming
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It’s the usage of microbial actions throughout the pond/tank to produce meals sources for classy organisms whereas additionally performing as a water therapy answer. As a consequence, energetic suspension ponds, heterotrophic ponds, and even inexperienced soup ponds are all phrases used to explain this technique. Let’s take a look at a method of incomes 10 lakh per yr from Biofloc fish farming.

How does BFT work?

The Biofloc system is a wastewater therapy system that has turn out to be extra essential in aquaculture. The approach’s idea is to take care of a higher C-N ratio by including a carbohydrate provide and to boost water high quality by producing high-quality single-cell microbial protein.

Heterotrophic microbial progress happens on this state of affairs, which assimilates nitrogenous waste which may be used as a feed by the classy species and serves as a bioreactor for water high quality administration. Because heterotrophs’ progress charge and microbial output per unit substrate are 10 occasions bigger than autotrophic nitrifying micro organism, hazardous nitrogen species are immobilized extra rapidly in biofloc.

Composition and dietary worth of biofloc

Biofloc is an extracellular polymeric materials containing a heterogeneous aggregation of suspended particles and a variety of microorganisms. It is made up of micro organism, algae, fungus, invertebrates, and detritus, amongst different microorganisms. It’s a protein-rich stay feed created when wasted feed and excreta are transformed into pure meals in a tradition system after being uncovered to sunshine and intense aeration. Each floc is saved collectively by a free mucus matrix produced by micro organism and held collectively by the unfold of germs or electrostatic attraction.

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The majority of the flocs are tiny and vary from 50 to 200 microns. Biofloc incorporates a excessive dietary worth. Protein content material varies between 25 and 50 p.c by dry weight, whereas fats content material varies between 0.5 and 15%. It incorporates a whole lot of nutritional vitamins and minerals, particularly phosphorous. It has the same impact as probiotics. Dried biofloc is being really useful as a feed additive to switch fishmeal or soybean.

Advantages of utilizing BFT system

  • Culture system that’s environmentally useful.
  • It has a decrease environmental impact.
  • Using land and water in a helpful method.
  • Water change system with restricted or no water change.
  • Higher productiveness (in fish tradition techniques, it improves survival charge, progress efficiency, and feed conversion).
  • Biosecurity is ensured.
  • Reduces water contamination and reduces the potential for illness introduction and dissemination.
  • It lowers the expense of standard feed whereas growing the consumption of a protein-rich weight loss plan.
  • It relieves pressure on seize fisheries by permitting for the usage of inexpensive meals fish and rubbish fish within the composition of fish feed.

Disadvantages of utilizing BTF system

  • An enhance within the quantity of vitality required for mixing and aeration.
  • Reduced response time as a result of elevated water respiration charges
  • A start-up stage is critical.
  • Supplementing with alkalinity is critical.
  • Accumulation of nitrates has the potential to pollute the atmosphere.
  • Sunlight-exposed techniques have inconsistent and seasonal efficiency.

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Fish Tank
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Fish species that may be cultivated utilizing the BFT methodology

The kind of species to be cultivated is a crucial consideration when creating a biofloc system. The Biofloc expertise often works with species that may acquire dietary benefits from direct floc ingestion. The Biofloc system is finest for species that may stand up to excessive solids concentrations in water and are immune to poor water high quality typically. The following species are fitted to BFT:

  • Magur, Pabda, Singhi, Anabas/Koi, and Pangasius are all air-breathing fish.
  • Fish that don’t breathe air, resembling widespread carp, tilapia, rohu and milkfish.
  • Vannamei and Tiger Prawn are examples of shellfish.

Earning 10 lakh per yr from Biofloc fish farming

The success story of Mr. Shravan Kumar

Mr. Sravan of Guntur district, Telangana studied M.Sc. in natural chemistry in a well-liked authorities faculty and labored as a chemical engineer in a personal firm. As he lacked satisfaction and curiosity within the job he was doing, he wished to start out one thing on his personal, which result in the beginning of his biofloc fishery farm. He analyzed the foremost cattle and fishery ventures from which he can get hold of excessive earnings.

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As he’s an informed particular person with excessive information in science, he wished to make use of new finish expertise in no matter he select to do. When he determined to start out fish farming, in contrast to others who rears fish in ponds, he wished to make use of biofloc expertise. He discovered this method from a college professor and likewise joined as a trainee below him for 2 months. After fully gaining information on the right way to rear fish utilizing biofloc expertise he instantly began investing in his farm.

Mr. Sravan mentioned he actually favored the BFT approach and wished to experiment with the fish tradition by utilizing this expertise. He strongly believes that this method is the reply for the rising inhabitants because it has the potential to meet the necessity of rising demand.

If we need to domesticate the fish by ponds or different strategies, it takes a excessive funding, and the yield is low when in comparison with the fish yield produced by this methodology. BFT methodology additionally takes low funding however must be accomplished rigorously by enterprise correct administration. The fish which are produced by a 1-acre pond may be produced by solely 10 cents (0.1 acres) of land by the BFT methodology, says Mr. Sravan.

Construction of tanks in accordance with Mr. Sravan

It took 5 months for the entire building and land preparation functions for Mr. Sravan. He constructed two poly sheds with a size of 100 ft and a width of 30 ft and constructed 8 tanks in them for rearing fish in them. The diameter of every tank is 8 meters, and every tank has a capability of practically 50,000 litres. The sheds must be necessary for fish because it protects them from the solar and different harsh environments.

Before setting up the tanks, it’s essential to put together a basement with the identical diameter by which you’ll construct the tanks. For constructing the tank don’t use cement since it’s pricey. You can use a mesh ring of the identical diameter to placed on the basement, and you may cowl it with a protecting sheet. After this unfold a tarpaulin sheet and stuff it inside until it reaches the basement. Once accomplished the tank ought to have the ability to maintain water, if not you most likely did a mistake whereas setting up the tank.

Each tank must be constructed completely and shouldn’t have any leaks. Mr. Sravan means that farmers use high quality cement or high quality framework and materials whereas setting up the tanks, relying on the kind of tank they need to assemble. It price him practically 10 lakhs for setting up the sheds and tanks, which is a bit excessive funding however may be erased quickly as it’s a one-time funding price.

Cultivating fish utilizing bioflock system in accordance with Mr. Sravan

He selected pangasius fish to domesticate in his tanks. When requested about it, he mentioned that it is vitally essential whereas selecting the species of the fish. Most fishes may be cultivated by biofloc system however not all. He initially considered cultivating Catla or Rohu, however they’re obtainable in all places, so as an alternative of that, he selected to domesticate pangasius species as this species can also be appropriate to be cultivated by biofloc system.

In every tank, he stocked practically 2500 fish for cultivating. It price him practically 7 rupees per 7-inch pangasius fish, together with transportation. As he’s new to this tradition his farm is experiencing a 20 % loss of life charge in fish. He expressed that since it’s beginning, he’s studying to realize information from the errors he did whereas cultivating utilizing this expertise.

For cultivating functions there’s pipe used in the course of every tank positioned on the backside for drainage of fish waste when allowed. You can management this pipe with a faucet individually for every tank. Once the faucet is on, the waste that’s saved on the backside is instantly flushed out. You can reuse this wastewater to feed the fish once more within the biofloc system.

Keep in thoughts that you’re not feeding the fish instantly, you might be simply aiding the expansion of microbes, which can be referred to as probiotics. These probiotics when grown in our tanks, make sure the water high quality and get eaten by fishes as feed. These probiotics are wealthy in protein as they’re developed by the fish excreta which is produced from excessive protein feed given to fish from us. As a consequence, the probiotics turn out to be a wealthy supply of protein for the fish when consumed and supply a superb yield, leading to increased earnings. 

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Bioflac Process
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You might help microbes to develop with aeration by utilizing blowers. These blowers are related via numerous pipes and launched into the tanks for aeration functions. These pipes are once more related to AirOxy tubes, that are round and comprise nozzles. When the air is flown into these tubes you’ll be able to observe the bubbles popping out from inside the tank. 10 AirOxy tubes are supplied for every tank.

You can management and monitor aeration for every tank individually by utilizing switches. He set his aeration scale on level 10 for offering enough aeration for the microbes to develop adequately which may be consumed by fish. These aerators ought to run 24 hours continuous and in case one thing occurs, and aeration stops you should have a most of two hours to repair the difficulty and begin aerators once more earlier than it impacts the fish.

Mr. Sravan used two blowers on his farm every one price him practically 70,000 rupees. These blowers are related to a generator with the assistance of which these machines run. It additionally reveals the strain at which it blows the air into the tanks, and you must set this strain accordingly. Huge strain may end up in the loss of life of seed and low strain can’t assist them develop rapidly.

While researching about the kind of fish you need to domesticate, you must also collect details about the aeration required for the fish within the tanks. These machines are like the guts of the biofloc system. You can’t domesticate fish by the BTF methodology with out utilizing these blowers. He makes use of a 10 kV generator for the blowers to run in case the facility will get lower. This generator price him practically 3 lakh rupees.

He makes use of a excessive protein feed to offer for the fish. It price him practically 35,000 rupees per ton for getting this 24% protein feed. This feed could make microbial organisms develop within the tanks offering for the water high quality and on the identical time serving as meals to the fish. These microbes are wealthy in protein and when fish consumes this it could actually help within the fast and high quality progress of the fish.

Even for the illnesses, solely natural drugs is used resembling turmeric, bitter gourd, garlic and many others. Using drugs that entails chemical compounds may be unhealthy for fish and may have an effect on your yield. Pangasius fish when cultivated by this technique can develop as much as 800 grams to 1 kg of fish. For a fish to achieve this stage it feeds on practically 1.3 kgs of feed until the time of harvesting. Mr. Sravan spent practically 5 lakhs on feed prices for his farm and now he’s anticipating a minimal of12 tons of yield from his farm.

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Profit Analysis
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Marketing and revenue evaluation of Mr. Sravan’s farm

The operating price of Mr. Sravan’s farm is almost 8 lakh rupees. And he says he’s anticipating a minimum of 12 tons of yield from his farm. And he sells his fish at practically 150 to 190 rupees per kg on the wholesale. Assuming 150 rupees because the least pricing situations at which Mr. Sravan sells his fish, means he can be incomes an revenue of rupees 18 lakh per batch. Erasing the funding price from this, the full revenue he obtained is almost 10 lakhs for a batch.

As every batch lasts a yr, Mr. Sravan is incomes rupees 10 lakhs as a revenue per yr from pangasius fish tradition utilizing the biofloc system. He suggests younger farmers enter such a enterprise which makes use of superior concepts and likewise needs them to unfold correct consciousness amongst folks in regards to the biofloc system. Before getting into this enterprise, he needs the farmers to realize correct information about the kind of fish they need to domesticate and study in regards to the care and administration wanted for cultivating fish within the biofloc system.

Mr. Sravan is now a proud proprietor of his biofloc fish farm incomes excessive earnings by cultivating pangasius utilizing the BTF approach. He expresses that he’s completely happy and glad by the work he’s doing now, in contrast to when he was working for a personal firm as a chemical engineer.