Doctor Strange 2: How Agatha Harkness Was Right About Wanda

According to Screen Rant, within the remaining episode of WandaImaginative and prescient, Agatha tells Wanda, “Oh God, you do not know what you have finished,” after Wanda totally embraces her energy because the Scarlet Witch. Right earlier than Wanda imprisons her in her sitcom position because the nosy neighbor, she tells Wanda as soon as extra, “You don’t know what you have unleashed.” In hindsight, now that Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness has been seen in theaters and on Disney+, Agatha was completely proper to fret about Wanda’s potential to trigger chaos and destruction on a multiversal scale.

In truth, if Agatha had taken Wanda’s powers, followers may not have needed to witness Mr. Fantastic grated like cheese or Professor Xavier’s neck snapping like a twig. Wanda’s atrocities because the Scarlet Witch are unspeakable, horrific, violent, and ruthless. She has misplaced all regard for human life being completely corrupted by the Darkhold, desperately in search of to be together with her youngsters. If Wanda had by no means taken the Darkhold from Agatha, Wanda wouldn’t have been corrupted, as she did seem genuinely sorry for the atrocities she dedicated in Westview on the finish of WandaImaginative and prescient. She resigns herself to isolation, which sadly results in her corruption. But that stark warning from Agatha was one which Wanda ought to have heeded. Agatha Harkness confirmed unimaginable foresight: she noticed what Wanda was able to earlier than anybody else, and we noticed the results of ignoring her warnings in Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness.


Agatha Knew The Darkhold Would Corrupt Wanda

Before Wanda, it was Agatha Harkness who possessed the Darkhold. And whereas she was no match for the totally powered Scarlet Witch, Agatha is an extraordinarily highly effective magic-user in her personal proper, as we see in WandaImaginative and prescient in a flashback to 1693, when she took the lives of the witches in her fellow coven. Agatha’s coven noticed that she was rising too highly effective and learning forbidden magic, so that they tried to remove her, and it backfired.

So, we are able to assume that Agatha was in possession of the Darkhold for fairly a very long time. Agatha had all of the indicators of being corrupted when she revealed herself to Wanda within the penultimate episode of WandaImaginative and prescient. She embraced the darkish magic and used it to trigger all types of calamity all through WandaImaginative and prescient as she tried to uncover how Wanda was in a position to create the Westview Hex. Once Agatha realized that Wanda was The Scarlet Witch, a being of untold energy, considered a delusion, she realized how disastrous it will be if Wanda had been to get her palms on the Darkhold. Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness validated Agatha’s concern.

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Agatha Saw the Danger in Wanda’s Chaos Magic

Agatha spent most of WandaImaginative and prescient “undercover” because the nosy neighbor Agnes. While comics followers noticed this reveal coming, it was nonetheless fairly spectacular when she revealed herself as Agatha Harkness. Once Agatha discovers that Wanda is the Scarlet Witch, she instantly understands that the magic Wanda used to regulate the hex was chaos magic, probably the most potent magic within the MCU (that we’re conscious of) that can also be tough to regulate. Chaos magic within the MCU permits its wielder to rewrite actuality as they see match.

Wanda’s incapability to regulate her magic is a central recurring theme in her character’s arc, together with her unintentionally killing harmless individuals within the opening sequence of Captain America: Civil War. We additionally see how highly effective Wanda’s magic is in her showdown with Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, when she overpowers the Mad Titan, pushed by her fury and lust for vengeance, forcing Thanos to name a strategic audible to save lots of himself.

Before WandaImaginative and prescient, Wanda didn’t understand she was a witch. She assumed her powers got here from the thoughts stone when she and her brother had been take a look at topics for Hydra. Once Wanda totally embraces her id as The Scarlet Witch, she lastly begins to know the infinite quantity of energy with which she is embued. The Direct reminds us of Agatha’s proclamation: “Your powers exceed that of the Sorcerer Supreme.” Whether she was referring to Doctor Strange or Wong is unclear (as it’s made clear that Wong is the Sorcerer Supreme in Spider-Man: No Way Home). However, the very fact stays that in Multiverse of Madness, Wanda overpowers Doctor Strange and Wong with relative ease.

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Agatha Knew The Scarlet Witch Was Meant to Rule or Destroy

Agatha appeared to have some prescience; whether or not or not she knew the extent of the injury Wanda may trigger all through the multiverse is unclear. In hindsight, Agatha was proper to be involved. As prophesied within the Darkhold, The Scarlet Witch was meant to both rule over or destroy the Multiverse. This means Agatha knew in regards to the Multiverse and the hazard of darkish spells and methods comparable to dream strolling. Immediately after the fear she brought on in Westview, Wanda leaves and goes into isolation with the Darkhold now in her possession someplace within the woods, as we see within the post-credits scene of WandaImaginative and prescient and once more in Multiverse of Madness. The Darkhold’s temptation to be together with her youngsters once more insidiously corrupts Wanda, making her increasingly more determined and keen to do no matter it takes to get to her youngsters.

Agatha’s foresight into what Wanda was really able to may have saved many lives. Suppose Agatha had been upfront with Wanda and the potential menace that Wanda’s magic (and her incapability to regulate it) offered. In that case, we would have seen Wanda go down a unique path in Multiverse of Madness. Instead, she ignores the warnings about her chaos magic, the practically limitless quantity of energy the Scarlet Witch possesses, and the prophecy that she is supposed to both rule or destroy the multiverse. As beforehand talked about, Wanda not solely ignores these warnings, however she additionally takes the Darkhold for herself, figuring out the e-book’s insidious potential to deprave its reader. And we all know the remaining. Kathryn Hahn will reprise her position as Agatha Harkness within the upcoming Disney+ sequence Agatha: House of Harkness. If the present takes place publish Multiverse of Madness, we are able to anticipate lots of “I advised you so’s” from the MCU’s favourite nosy neighbor.

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