Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning: 15 Things We'd Love to See

On October 27, Toei Animation will launch Digimon Journey 02: The Starting to Japanese theaters. The story will characteristic the Digidestined of the beloved second season of the anime as they examine a mysterious big Digi-Egg that seems within the sky. Whereas they dig into this thriller, they rescue a younger man named Ohwada Lui after he falls from Tokyo Tower. Ohwada claims to be the primary Chosen Little one, and although he does not have a associate beside him, he does carry a Digivice and advertising and marketing materials confirms that Ohwada’s associate Ukkomon is by some means tied to the Digi-Egg risk.

With the discharge coming ever nearer, followers of the franchise have begun speculating about what we might get to see within the upcoming movie. Plot particulars have been scarce for the movie, so theories run rampant concerning the potentialities for this movie.

As a sequel to Digimon Journey: Final Evolution Kizuna, there are a number of particulars that should be explored, particularly given what we all know of future canon occasions. Regardless of the recognition of Digimon Journey 02, there are nonetheless loads of parts left to discover on this a part of the franchise. With that in thoughts, listed below are 15 issues that we would like to see in Digimon Journey 02: The Starting.

Full Digivolution Strains

The Digidestined and Partners in Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna Toei Firm

Digimon Journey 02 is beloved by followers for introducing two new digivolution strategies, particularly Armor and DNA digivolution. The primary conceit firstly of the season was that conventional digivolutions weren’t accessible because of the machinations of the Digimon Emperor. That is why a brand new forged was launched, as they had been in a position to entry these new types of digivolution and combat again towards the brand new risk within the Digital World.

We did not even get to see the Champion ranges of the associate Digimon till midway by way of the second season, however these then gave technique to DNA digivolutions.

Because the finish of Digimon Journey 02, followers have wished to see the total digivolution strains for XVmon, Ankylomon, Aquilamon, and Stingmon. We have now by no means seen these unique characters transfer previous these types in conventional methods, which is unusual for the franchise. Provided that Digimon Journey 2020 and Digimon Journey tri put such a heavy emphasis on the companions attaining Mega degree types, it solely is sensible for this movie to place the identical highlight on the second group of Chosen Kids. Particularly since these characters have not been used anyplace else within the franchise, it might be an ideal alternative to offer them canon evolutions.

Subsequent Levels for the DNA Digivolutions

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode in Digimon The Revenge of Diaboromon

Toei Firm

One of many coolest moments of Digimon Journey 02 was the reveal that DNA digivolved associate Paildramon might obtain the Mega-level. After the group defeated and recruited the Digimon Emperor Ken Ichijouji, a brand new risk emerged within the type of Arukenimon, who traveled the Digital World remodeling the outdated Management Spires into monstrous Digimon enemies. Throughout a gathering with Azulongmon, a Digimon Sovereign, he granted Davis and Ken’s DNA digivolution new energy, permitting them to entry the highly effective Imperialdramon.

The issue, after all, is that we by no means noticed a Mega-level kind for Silphymon or Shakkoumon, the 2 different DNA Digimon within the season. Followers have puzzled for years what these advanced types could possibly be, however there has by no means been a full canon reveal. Digimon Journey 02: The Starting could be the right alternative to showcase these Mega-level types. In any case, it is a brand-new risk requiring new talents to defeat. Whereas it’s unlikely that we’ll see each the total digivolution strains in addition to new Digivolutions for the fused companions, chances are high excessive, given the opposite movies, that one thing new will make an look.

New Kinds of Digivolution

Tai and Agumon Bond of Bravery in Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna Toei Firm

There may be additionally a chance {that a} model new, by no means earlier than seen fashion of evolution might make an look. Digimon: The Film launched Golden Armor digivolution alongside the franchise’s first DNA digivolution, Omnimon. In Revenge of Diaboromon, followers had been launched to the Paladin Mode Change for Imperialdramon. In Digimon Journey Tri, Omnimon Merciful Mode made its first look. In Digimon Journey: Final Evolution Kizuna, Agumon: Bond of Bravery and Gabumon: Bond of Friendship debuted.

Every main Digimon movie for these two seasons has launched a brand new sort of digivolution, so why would Digimon Journey 02: The Starting be any totally different? Whereas we do not but know what kind this new digivolution may take, whether or not it’s a mode change or new sort of fusion, chances are high excessive that one thing new will debut as a final ditch effort to defeat this new risk. Even when the movie introduced in digivolution types launched in different seasons, equivalent to Biomerge, many followers could be shocked and delighted. Some have even theorized that we would get to see Double Armor Digivolution, seeing the 2 DigiEggs for every character activating directly.

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The Worldwide Digidestined

Davis, Mimi, and the International Digidestined in Digimon Adventure 02 Toei Firm

One of many key plot factors of Digimon Journey 02 was the introduction of the Worldwide Digidestined. Till that time, followers of the franchise believed that the unique eight and the brand new 4 Digidestined had been the one Chosen Kids. Nonetheless. Mimi introduces Michael and his associate, Betamon, whom she met in America.

The heroes later realized that there have been Digidestined all all over the world, and throughout the last conflicts of the season, this proved to be the deciding issue. Teaming with these Worldwide Digidestined, our heroes battled a military of Digimon invading the human world.

It is very important observe that now we have already seen the Worldwide Digidestined return in Digimon Journey: Final Evolution Kizuna. Throughout Eosmon’s raid of the human world and kidnapping of Digidestined, we noticed Chosen Kids all over the world battling this new risk. Provided that The Starting is a direct sequel to Kizuna, it solely is sensible that we would get a glimpse of those vital aspect characters. They might not play a significant position like they did within the unique season of the anime, however they needn’t. Even exhibiting them in passing might spotlight the immensity of the specter of the movie, showcasing its large impression on the whole planet.

The Digimon Sovereigns

The Digimon Sovereigns in Digimon Tri

Toei Firm

The Digimon Sovereigns, also called the Harmonious Ones, are a gaggle of immensely highly effective Digimon. Azulongmon, Ebonwumon, Zhuqiaomon, and Baihumon are guardians of the Digital World in most universes. Primarily based on the Japanese and Chinese language myths of the 4 Guardians Spirits or 4 Symbols, these highly effective entities are a step under gods within the Digital world, and so they performed a significant position in shaping the occasions of Digimon Journey 02. They gave Paildramon the flexibility to digivolve to Imperialdramon. They even discovered Digimon who might entry the ability of Armor Digivolution and paired them with human companions.

Briefly, the Harmonious Ones are key parts of the Digimon Journey 02 story and have to make an look in The Starting. What position that could possibly be is unsure. Maybe they grant their powers once more to Silphymon and Shakkoumon to permit for additional evolution like Imperialdramon.

Maybe they sense the approaching risk or maintain data vital to defeating it. There are many potentialities, however on condition that now we have seen their origin lately in Digimon Journey tri and nothing since, The Starting is the right alternative to reintroduce them to the franchise.

New Armor Digivolutions

The Main Cast of Digimon Adventure 02 twentieth Century Fox Residence Leisure

For followers of the Digimon buying and selling card video games and video video games, the existence of different Armor Digivolutions than those we noticed in Digimon Journey 02 isn’t surprising. Every associate Digimon was paired with one or two Crests, and these pairings remodeled them into new types. Nonetheless, the present restricted their potentialities, conserving them from switching Crests. Every associate has the flexibility to entry the ability of each crest, every main into new and distinctive Digivolution types. Some are higher than others, however it doesn’t matter what types they take, we’ve not seen them within the collection’ canon.

The Starting has the right alternative to introduce these new Armor Digivolution types. A number of made appearances in Digimon Journey 2020, performing as pure Digivolutions for random Digimon, so we all know that Toei is not afraid to incorporate them.

Their inclusion is not doubtless given the quantity of floor the story has to take, however even one “combine up” within the Crest distribution could be attention-grabbing, shocking each Digidestined and followers. It could possibly be performed to comedic impact, however chances are high low that we’ll really see this transformation of tempo. Nonetheless, it’s nonetheless vital to the whole idea of Armor Digivolution, so it ought to at the very least be referenced.

The Return of Golden Armor Digivolution

Magnamon in Digimon The Movie Toei Firm

One chance in regard to the final level that we might see is the return of Golden Armor Digivolution. Launched within the third part of Digimon: The Film, launched in Japan as Hurricane Landing, the Golden Armor Digivolutions had been found by Davis and Willis as their ace to defeating the malevolent Cherubimon. Accessed by way of the Digi-Eggs of Future and Miracles, these highly effective digivolutions introduced the Mega-levels Magnamon and Rapidmon Gold to the display screen, representing one of many coolest moments in the whole franchise.

Whereas the return of Willis is unlikely (although we did see him briefly in Final Evolution Kizuna), the Golden Armor Digivolutions could be a improbable reintroduction for The Starting. Magnamon might make his return to the display screen as one other ace within the gap, although this is not doubtless on condition that Imperialdramon already exists.

Nonetheless, like the opposite Armor Digi-Eggs, the powers of the Golden Armor can be utilized by any Digimon able to Armor Digivolution. Every of the companions from the season can make the most of this large energy enhance, that means that The Starting may have the ability to reintroduce this factor and provides followers one thing they’ve by no means seen earlier than.

The Return of Traditional Villains

Arukenimon and Mummymon in Digimon Adventure 02 Toei Firm

Digimon Journey 02 launched a few of the most beloved villains in the whole franchise. Ken Ichijouji, the previous Digimon Emperor, was defeated and have become a key a part of the Digidestined crew. BlackWarGreymon had a prolonged arc exploring his creation, corruption, and eventual redemption. Arukenimon and Mummymon, the 2 fundamental villains for the second half of the season, combined horror and humor collectively, changing into one thing of a darker model of Pokémon’s Workforce Rocket. The villains of the season are a few of the greatest Digimon, however given how the season ended, now we have solely seen Ken make appearances in future canon media.

One of many key ideas of Digimon is the position of reincarnation. A Digimon is simply information, in spite of everything, that means that in the event that they die, their information is recycled and returned to the Digital World. They return to a Digi-Egg, permitting them to return to life and make new selections, generally even remembering the occasions of their earlier existence.

Given the recognition of those former villains, seeing them make a return will not be solely attainable however possible, particularly with the immensity of this risk. It will be nice to see Arukenimon and Mummymon particularly return to the collection as allies after being betrayed by their chief on the finish of Digimon Journey 02.

New Crests

The Crests in Digimon Adventure 2020 Toei Firm

In Digimon Journey, Crests are the whole motive Digidestined are chosen to serve alongside Digimon companions. Their most potent attribute (braveness, friendship, data, and so on.) turns into tangible energy, transferring to their companions and permitting for highly effective Digivolutions. It is not fully clear what the Crests are.

We had assumed there have been solely eight till the Crests of Future, Miracles, and Kindness made appearances in additional seasons and movies. In Digimon Journey tri, a prologue explains that these Crests are assigned to Digidestined after they arrive within the Digital World, that means there could possibly be a wide range of others now we have but to see.

Whereas we all know little or no concerning the Crests themselves, the very fact of the matter is that the brand new Digidestined in Digimon Journey 02 (Davis, Yolei, and Cody) wouldn’t have Crests of their very own. They’re bequeathed the Crests of the Digidestined from the earlier season, and whereas they’ve change into related to these particular person pairs, they by no means displayed their very own. Followers have theorized that the Crests for every new Digidestined are the truth is a mixture of their paired Crests (bringing the thought of Double Armor Digivolutions again), however The Starting must at the very least allude to the truth that these three heroes have this immense energy on their very own.

The Darkish Ocean

A Monster Appearing from the Dark Ocean in Digimon Adventure 02 Toei Firm

Featured briefly in Digimon Journey 02 and Digimon Journey tri, the Darkish Ocean, Quantum Sea, or World of Darkness are a key factor of Kari and Ken’s tales. Each have a connection to this alternate actuality that brings their darkest ideas to life. The Darkish Ocean is the place that corrupted Ken into the Digimon Emperor, and Kari holds some type of supernatural bond with each the Digital World and Darkish Ocean.

In Digimon Journey tri, one of many unique Digidestined, Maki Himekawa, seems within the Darkish Ocean after she is spurned by her former associate, Tapirmon, and succumbs to her grief.

Little or no is thought about this extra-dimensional house within the Digital World, however one factor is for sure. The Starting must discover this space additional. What’s it? Why does it exist? What occurs to these trapped there? Given Ukkomon’s aquatic look, fan hypothesis has gone wild connecting the small Digimon to this evil locale, maybe detailing the risk for this movie.

It doesn’t matter what, although, Kari and Ken’s connection to the situation signifies that it must make an look in The Starting. There are just too many unanswered questions on it.

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Kari’s Selection/ Yolei and Ken’s Relationship

TK and Kari with Ken and Yolei from Digimon the Movie and Digimon Adventure 02 Toei Firm

One of many subplots in Digimon Journey 02 and its subsequent media is the romantic triangle surrounding Kari. Davis has a large crush on the unique Digidestined, and he’s satisfied that TK has one as effectively, given their friendship. Due to this, Davis feels in fixed competitors with TK, one thing Kari mischievously performs with all through the season.

Provided that The Starting sees these younger individuals changing into adults, now’s the right time to handle this subplot. Kari wants to point a route. She does not want to decide on TK or Davis, as an alternative selecting one other path, however the story must lastly lower this thread.

On a separate observe, The Starting must push issues ahead for Yolei and Ken’s relationship. We see on the finish of Digimon Journey 02 that the 2 have a household collectively on the very least, and so they had a fairly constant flirtation all through the season. Nonetheless, of their subsequent appearances in motion pictures, now we have but to see any indication of their romantic curiosity in one another. The Starting could be an ideal place to begin, exhibiting the 2 changing into nearer and beginning to date. Maybe they already had been. Nothing is obvious but with this romantic subplot, and The Starting must treatment that.

The Misplaced Companions

Morphomon and Menoa in Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna Toei Firm

Final Evolution Kizuna was a bittersweet movie in lots of regards, and it shocked followers with its total story arc. Matt, Sora and Tai are given a time restrict. The facility of the Digidestined comes from chance, and as a baby will get older, that chance turns into actuality, and their connection to the Digital World withers.

Because of this by the top of the movie, the three unique Digidestined change into separated from their companions, very similar to the villain of the film Menoa. This results in some confusion, on condition that the epilogue for Digimon Journey 02 confirmed a world the place people and Digimon dwell collectively in concord.

The Starting does not have to retcon this world-building element, nevertheless it at the very least wants to handle it. The implication from the movie is that the associate Digimon do not simply disappear from the human world; they cease present, however even a short glimpse of the Digtal World, a touch that Agumon, Gabumon, Biyomon, and Morphomon nonetheless roam the Digital panorama, would give hope and closure for the way forward for the franchise.

In any case, the unique Digidestined all had their companions in that epilogue, that means that one thing must occur to carry them again. What that one thing is, The Starting might not deal with, however to at the very least trace at it might be sufficient to sate followers.

The Unique Digidestined from tri

The Original Digidestined and Partners in Digimon Adventure Tri Toei Firm

In Digimon Journey tri, viewers had been launched to Maki Himekawa and Daigo Nishijima, two particular brokers assigned instances involving Digimon. Because the movie collection continues, we study that the pair had been a part of an early group of Digidestined. Throughout a battle with the Darkish Masters (Piedmon, Puppetmon, MetalSeadramon, and Machinedramon), the 5 youngsters had been on the cusp of defeat, however of their last moments, their companions achieved the Mega-level. 4 of the Digimon turned the Harmonious Ones, ending the specter of the Darkish Masters for a time and persevering with to guard the Digital World. Maki’s Tapirmon dies defending her.

Regardless of their key roles in Digimon Journey tri, these unique Digidestined weren’t even talked about in Final Evolution Kizuna. Given their connection to the Harmonious Ones, beings with connections to the Digimon Journey 02 forged and story, their reappearance is important. Even whether it is nothing greater than a short cameo, these characters have to point out up sooner or later throughout the movie.

In any case, the story revolves round Ohwada Lui, who claims to be the primary Digidestined, which brings into query all of the previous Digidestined teams. Who’re they? What number of are there? Reintroducing the unique Digidestined might assist reply a few of these questions.

Time Journey

Young Tai and Kari in Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning Toei Firm

There are a number of particulars which have stoked hypothesis about Digimon Journey 02: The Starting. In current trailers, now we have been given glimpses of a pair of kids that look strikingly like a younger Tai and Kari. Almost an identical to their look in Digimon: The Film, these youngsters may simply be a flashback or a enjoyable name out for followers, however it’s unusual that they make such a distinguished look within the trailers.

Additionally, there’s the difficulty of Ohwada. He claims to be the primary Digidestined, however he seems the identical age, if not youthful, than the primary forged of The Starting. This has led to a number of theories, however amongst them, time journey appears to reign supreme.

The Digimon franchise is not afraid to get bizarre, and whereas it hasn’t particularly handled time journey, it is not out of the realm of chance. In any case, there are already time variations between the Actual and Digital Worlds, that means that the proper particular person or Digimon might discover a very science-fiction technique to manipulate time. Once more, these may simply be flashbacks or hallucinations, so take this hypothesis with a grain of salt. Opening the door to time journey won’t be the proper route. Nonetheless, if carried out proper, this could possibly be an attention-grabbing technique to discover distinctive potentialities, together with presumably introducing different characters from different seasons.

A Glimpse of What’s to Come

The Digidestined and Partners in Digimon Adventure 02 The Beginning Toei Firm

There are numerous particulars we do not but learn about Digimon Journey 02: The Starting or the route the franchise goes. Any hints that this movie may give us about this route could be tremendously appreciated. There are nonetheless a number of questions that we’d like answered, and possibilities are usually not all of them shall be answered on this one film.

Whereas we all know so little or no about The Starting, the title appears to recommend that that is solely the beginning line. Extra is but to come back for this beloved franchise, and with the transition to the characters and ideas of Digimon Journey 02, the franchise is beginning to transfer in an thrilling new route.