Cheap Farm Fence Ideas: DIY, Inexpensive, Low-cost, and Budget Tips

Cheap Farm Fence Ideas5

On each interest farms and industrial farms, fencing performs an necessary function in confining and defending animal and crop areas. Your alternative of the fence needs to be primarily based on what function it’s for. There are dozens of various fencing merchandise that you may select from. It is an previous observe and is carried out in numerous methods and strategies over the generations. Crop safety is essential in agricultural land as it’s the final results of all of the laborious work and perseverance put into the land. Check out low-cost farm fence concepts under.

Cheap Farm Fence Ideas
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The widespread issues dealing with farmers are grazing home animals, damaging crops by wild animals, and stealing by passersby. An agricultural fence, often known as a livestock fence or a country ranch, is a sort of fence used to maintain animals similar to sheep, horses, pigs, and cattle inside and outdoors a selected space. Fencing is a one-time funding and supplies long-term protection for farmland and property and helps scale back crop harm from quite a lot of disruptive causes. Check out low-cost farm fence concepts under

Cheap farm fence concepts

Chicken wire fencing 

This is a small-weave diamond grid sample of rooster wire fencing used in every single place to guard poultry enclosures. A comparatively light-weight 20-gauge wire is woven right into a diamond-shaped grid of 1 to 2 inches in dimension. The rooster wire is offered in rolls two to 5 ft huge. It is helpful in stopping foxes, hawks, and different small predators from feeding on poultry, and also can defend orchards. 

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Chicken wire fencing 
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Field fence 

This is one other kind of wire fence, however one which makes use of heavy gauge wire, wherein the joints are tightened to supply further power. It is used for cattle, pigs, and different giant livestock animals. Sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry is a problem, as they will climb and dig below many kinds of fences. A subject fence, additionally known as a woven wire fence, is the most suitable choice for shielding these animals. It can also be efficient in containing cattle and horses. Field fences are robust, as they’re manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized metal.  

Barbed wire 

Barbed wire is a traditional farm fence for confining cattle, consisting of two or three horizontal edges of strengthened wire with sharp stripes. Wires are tied between steel or picket traces. Barbed wire works effectively sufficient to lure comparatively delicate animals in giant areas, however could be simply violated by giant, aggressive animals. They are usually not very enticing, however they’re very efficient of their function. 

Electric fence 

An electrical fence is an environment friendly however unappealing fence that makes use of insulated horizontal wires hooked up to insulated vertical stripes. In some types of fencing, a whole wire mesh is galvanized – which is particularly helpful for poultry enclosures, the place it will probably home birds inside and predators out. Electric fences are usually not notably harmful, though brushing towards somebody could be an disagreeable shock. 

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Electric fence for farming
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High tensile wire

The excessive tensile wire is quicker than easy wire, which helps to keep away from issues attributable to animals leaning towards the fence. This kind of wire is costlier however requires only a few posts so the general price is often the identical. Furthermore, as a result of it isn’t unfold, animals are much less more likely to develop into trapped within the wire.

Welded wire

This is manufactured from inflexible wires organized in vertical and horizontal rows wherein the joints are welded collectively. Welds can break, so this kind is usually used for light-weight functions, similar to confining small animals or defending poultry. Welded wire fence is often manufactured from 16-gauge or 14-gauge wire, and is offered in rolls of 24 inches, 36 inches, 48 ​​inches, or 60 inches huge. 

Smooth wire fencing

Smooth wire is identical as barbed wire, with out sharp edges. In agricultural fencing, this kind of wire has benefits similar to eliminating the potential for lacerations and cuts to animals. Smooth wire is affordable and can be utilized as a substitute for barbed wire to maintain horses. 

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Smooth wire fencing
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Farm fencing prices

The whole price of updating your farm fence earlier than promoting will rely upon many components, together with deliberate land use, native topography, location of the fence, and whether or not it’s a boundary or inside fence. When budgeting to your new subject fence you will want to think about the next prices;

  • End assemblies and strainer posts 
  • Intermediate posts (similar to Star Pickets) 
  • Wire or mesh 
  • Gates and gate {hardware} 
  • Machinery prices 
  • Installation supplies prices (Concrete for non-driven posts)
  • Labor price

Different fencing practices to your farm

Horses, cattle, goats, and sheep have totally different attitudes and tendencies, which require totally different fencing necessities. 

Sheep and Goats

A superb fence is advisable, particularly with sheep, primarily to forestall issues with predators. This is particularly true with sheep as a result of they’ve heavy wool that protects them from electrical shocks. Because sheep and goats are small in stature, the wires have to be near the bottom and should be cleared of vegetation to cut back grounding and keep a very good electrical cost within the system. Special electrical nets for sheep and goats have confirmed to be very efficient.


These giant animals adapt simply to the electrical fence and don’t require fewer wires or wires on the bottom like small animals. The age of the animal determines the variety of wires which can be greatest for the fence. It needs to be famous that the fence needs to be in good situation when the bulls are current. The similar wire can match effectively with well-trained animals.

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Cattle Fencing
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An electrically conductive plastic twine, generally known as poly wire, is simple to erect and take away and is good for rotating grazing. Cattle have powerful skins and use that often don’t pay a lot consideration to the bodily efficiency of animals like horses. Thus, cattle with various kinds of enclosures are extra forgiving (or, quite, extra sturdy). Barbed wire continues to be a danger issue for pores and skin lesions, however cattle are usually as blind to panic as horses. 


Horses are fast-moving animals and want a extra seen fence than different animals. Electrified tape is extra seen than poly wire. Horses are additionally very delicate to electrical shocks and could be unpredictable. Therefore, when selecting a fence, you will need to needless to say horses can get entangled within the wire and get injured. Talk to a fence specialist, particularly one who’s conversant in horses. 


There are many fencing merchandise designed particularly for animals similar to alpacas, llamas, and rabbits. 

How a lot fence do I want? 

The rolls of fence rely upon the kind of fence you might be shopping for. Red model barbed wire fences and purple model subject fences can be found in numerous roll lengths. If you are shopping for barbed wire, a roll equals 1,320 ft of fence or 1/4 mile. Therefore, for a 40-acre space that requires 1/4-mile fencing on all sides, you will want a one-mile fence or 4 rolls of barbed wire per line.

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Wire fence
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However, when you have chosen a subject fence, you will want 4 330-foot rolls for each 1/4 mile of the fence line, or the equal of 1 roll of barbed wire. A complete of 16 rolls vs. 4 rolls of barbed wire might be required for fencing in a 40-acre parcel. Of course, these estimates are primarily based on an space of ​​40 acres. Many instances, you can be enclosing an space of ​​totally different sizes which can require extra fencing.

How much-barbed wire want for a 10-acre fence? 

The quantity will fluctuate relying on the form of the fence that you just construct. For a sq. fence, you’ll be able to calculate a median of 1,867 ft for five acres and 3,734 ft for 10 acres. 

Cost of the barbed wire fencing

Low-cost fences are advisable when the primary function is straightforward demarcation or boundary lining of the property. The mostly used low-cost fence kind is barbed wire as a result of it’s available and straightforward to put in. There are three kinds of barbed wire within the nation;

  • PVC coated barbed wire 
  • GI barbed wire 
  • Polymer barbed wire 

GI barbed wire is taken into account to be the commonest, whereas PVC coated is principally utilized in coastal areas or such locations. Where there’s a variety of moisture. The PVC coated barbed wire we provide is understood for its prime quality, which is way more sturdy than its different counterparts out there. Polymer barbed wire is used the place fencing work is to be completed in distant areas and excessive product life is required. 

Cost of fencing per working meter perimeter of the farm = Rs. 192 to 230.1 

These prices could fluctuate relying on many components similar to labor expenses, wire price, size of the farm, and so on. 

Cost of photo voltaic fencing 

Not solely are they thought of secure and efficient however they’re additionally one of many least costly fencing choices. Approximately the fee per working meter of seven rows fence is Rs. 396/meter.

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