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Guernsey launched laws allowing the formation
of cell firms by way of the Protected Cell Companies Ordinance in
1997 – the primary nation on the earth to take action. Incorporated cell
firms have been launched in Guernsey by way of the Incorporated Cell
Companies Ordinance in 2006. Both of these ordinances have been
consolidated into the Companies (Guernsey) Law, 2008 (the
Companies Law“). This observe summarises the Companies


A Guernsey protected cell firm
(“PCC“) is a single authorized entity. It is
one firm with one board of administrators, one memorandum and
articles of incorporation and one firm registration quantity.

A PCC includes a core and any variety of cells. Assets that are
not comprised in a cell are deemed to be comprised within the core. No
regulatory or submitting processes are required to create a cell of a
PCC. Cells will be created just by a decision of the board of
administrators of the PCC. However, if the PCC is regulated different
concerns might apply.

The key difficulty which differentiates a PCC from a standard
(non-mobile) firm is the segregation of its belongings. A PCC is
in a position to restrict its legal responsibility in respect of a specific contract to
a specified pool of belongings slightly than exposing the entire belongings
of the PCC to legal responsibility in respect of each contract, as could be
the case with a noncellular firm.

When a PCC contracts, the administrators of the PCC should establish the
pool of belongings to which the counterparty can have recourse in
respect of that contract. That pool of belongings might comprise a cell
or the core of the PCC. By default, any legal responsibility not attributable
to a cell of a PCC mechanically attaches to the core. However, if
the administrators intend a transaction to be made in respect of a
explicit cell or the core however fail to establish that cell or the
core to the counterparty then the administrators can incur private
legal responsibility in respect of that transaction, though the administrators
have a statutory proper of indemnity out of the core belongings in
sure circumstances.

The essential safety which the Companies Law affords collectors
of a PCC is that losses in a single cell of a PCC don’t have an effect on income
in one other cell or the core. If a PCC is unable to fulfill
liabilities it owes to a creditor out of the belongings of the
specified cell that creditor has no recourse to the belongings of different
cells or to the core.

Because a PCC is a single authorized entity, the cells of a PCC
can not contract with one another or with the core. These points can
be resolved by interposing an organization (for instance, a subsidiary of
the PCC in query) which is ready to contract with each cells or
the cell and the core to realize the identical financial final result as would
have been the case have been these cells in a position to contract with every
different or have been the cell in query in a position to contract with the

Of course, cells of two totally different PCCs can contract with every
different. In addition, it’s attainable for a PCC to implement an
inner association whereby the belongings of 1 cell could also be
attributed to different cells or to the core or vice versa and for
recourse agreements to be entered into whereby collectors are
explicitly granted recourse to belongings of the PCC apart from the
cell (or core) in respect of which they’re primarily

The Companies Law doesn’t dictate how the share capital of a
PCC should be structured. Traditionally the share capital of a PCC is
divided into strange voting (or administration) shares in respect of
the core and non-voting redeemable shares in respect of every cell.
Cell shares are sometimes issued as redeemable shares as a result of there may be
no statutory mechanism for winding up a solvent cell below the
Companies Law. Therefore, a follow has developed of redeeming all
of the shares in difficulty in a cell with the intention to obtain a de facto
winding up of its affairs.

The shares issued in respect of every cell of the PCC represent
a separate class of shares. Accordingly, though these cell shares
might not have voting rights at common conferences of the corporate they
do have class rights which should be noticed and can solely be diversified
with the consent of the holders of that class of shares.

Investment funds structured as PCCs are likely to have a really small
issued share capital of their core. Cell shares are issued to
traders which means that every cell might have a really massive issued share
capital. Conversely, a common insurance coverage firm structured as a
PCC would often difficulty no less than £100,000 in core shares in
order to fulfill the minimal capital requirement imposed on Guernsey
licensed insurers below the Insurance Business (Bailiwick of
Guernsey) Law, 2002 (the “Insurance Law”). Because a PCC
is a single firm, it isn’t vital for every cell to be
capitalised to this stage too. Notably, every integrated cell of
an ICC should be individually capitalised.


The consent of the Guernsey Financial Services Commission (the
GFSC“) is required for the formation of
or conversion of an current firm right into a PCC. When initially
launched PCCs have been solely accessible as licensed insurance coverage firms
and funding funds and these stay the 2 hottest makes use of for
PCCs. Nowadays, any firm whose affairs are administered by a
licensed particular person in Guernsey could also be established as a PCC. However, a
PCC is probably not a licensed insurance coverage supervisor or middleman, a
financial institution, or, a licensed fiduciary.


The ICC is predicated on the identical rules because the PCC: segregation
of belongings and restricted recourse of collectors to specified swimming pools of
belongings slightly than to the entire belongings of the corporate. Like a PCC,
an ICC might set up any variety of integrated cells. Unlike
protected cells in a PCC, every integrated cell of an ICC is a
individually registered authorized entity with its personal memorandum and
articles of incorporation, its personal firm registration quantity and
its personal board of administrators. The Companies Law permits the
composition of the board of every integrated cell to be totally different
to the composition of the board of the ICC offered that no less than
one of many administrators of the cell can also be a director of the ICC.

The reality that every integrated cell is a individually registered
authorized entity offers better flexibility in relation to the
capability to transform, migrate and amalgamate integrated cells and
could also be considered strengthening the segregation of every
integrated cell’s belongings and liabilities.

Like a PCC, the consent of the GFSC is required for the
formation of and conversion of current firms into an ICC or an
integrated cell. The formation of an integrated cell includes
extra formality than the formation of a cell of a PCC. It requires a
particular decision of the shareholders of the ICC of which the
integrated cell will kind half in addition to registration of the
integrated cell with the Guernsey Registry (along with the
related documentation).

Contracts are made with an ICC itself or with the related
integrated cell. The ICC can not bind any of its integrated
cells. It is feasible for the ICC to personal shares in one in all its
integrated cells, however an integrated cell is prohibited by the
Companies Law from proudly owning shares within the ICC. As a consequence of
every integrated cell being a individually registered authorized entity,
integrated cells can contract with one another. Consequently there
is not any equal of the recourse settlement or preparations in
respect of ICCs.


There are a spread of conversions attainable with PCCs and ICCs.
The course of to impact a conversion is similar whatever the
explicit transaction being thought of: the consent of the GFSC is
at all times required in addition to a particular decision of the shareholders
of the entity which needs to transform.

The conversions that are attainable are:

    • a non-mobile firm might convert right into a PCC;


    • a non-mobile firm might convert into an ICC;


    • a PCC might convert into an ICC;


    • an integrated cell might convert right into a non-mobile


    • an integrated cell might switch from one integrated cell
      firm to a different;


    • a non-mobile firm might convert into an integrated cell
      and switch to an ICC;


    • a PCC might convert right into a non-mobile firm;


    • integrated cells of an ICC could also be subsumed into their ICC and
      subsequently transformed to a non-mobile firm; and


    • a PCC cell can convert right into a non-mobile firm wherein
      case the conversion should even be accredited by the shareholders.


Notably, an ICC can not convert instantly right into a PCC and a
non-mobile firm can not convert instantly right into a cell of a

Since integrated cells are individually registered authorized
entities they can make the most of Guernsey’s
migration and amalgamation laws giving them the liberty to
change into registered in different jurisdictions and to amalgamate with
different entities inside and past Guernsey. This wouldn’t be
attainable with cells of a PCC as a result of they don’t seem to be individually
registered authorized entities.


The PCC is usually used and certainly, was initially launched, to
allow Guernsey licensed insurance coverage managers to supply cells to 3rd
events as lease-a-captives. In these circumstances, the core of the
PCC is owned and capitalised by the native insurance coverage supervisor. A cell
will be provided to a consumer to write down an insurance coverage contract for that
consumer’s profit. Shares within the cell are issued to that consumer
so that the consumer has an financial curiosity within the cell and
can profit from any income accruing from the enterprise written.
The cell will usually reinsure its liabilities into the reinsurance

Both PCCs and ICCs are generally used as umbrella funding
funds with every cell getting used as an funding automobile for
totally different asset courses.

The PCC can also be usually utilized in insurance coverage transformer transactions
whereby the cell of a PCC writes a spinoff contract similar to a
credit score default swap and the legal responsibility of the cell below that
spinoff contract is insured by an insurance coverage firm. The
transformer offers the insurance coverage firm with publicity to a extra
diversified type of funding product (the spinoff) however by way of its
conventional enterprise technique, the writing of an insurance coverage coverage.
PCCs and ICCs are additionally usually utilized in insurance coverage linked securities
transactions. More data on insurance coverage linked securities
transactions will be discovered right here.

Incorporated cells are sometimes utilized in longevity transactions
whereby the integrated cell insures the liabilities of a pension
fund and reinsures that legal responsibility with a 3rd occasion reinsurer.
Because integrated cells are individually registered authorized entities
and as a result of they can make the most of Guernsey’s
migration and amalgamation laws, they’re extra well-liked
autos than protected cells for such transactions – see our Longevity danger options article.


The common insolvency provisions below the Companies Law apply
equally to PCCs and ICCs. Subject to the feedback under, a PCC can
be wound up in the identical means as a non-mobile firm. However, on
the winding up of a PCC the liquidator should observe the particular
nature of the PCC.

Since every cell of the PCC will not be a separate firm it can not
be independently wound up. Consequently, there are two different
insolvency procedures relevant to cells of a PCC:

    • Administration – administration is on the market
      to non-mobile firms, PCCs, cells of PCCs, ICCs and
      integrated cells. This course of is simply accessible if the corporate
      or cell is bancrupt and the courtroom considers that the making of an
      administration order might obtain the survival of the corporate or
      cell or the extra advantageous realisation of its belongings.


    • Receivership – receivership is simply accessible
      to cells of a PCC and solely the place the belongings of the cell are probably
      to be inadequate to discharge the claims of collectors of the cell
      and the making of a receivership order by the courtroom will lead to
      the extra orderly winding-up of the enterprise of the cell and the
      making of a distribution of its belongings to these entitled to have
      recourse thereto.


Notably, each of those processes are solely accessible the place the
physique in query is or is prone to change into bancrupt. A solvent
cell or different entity can not avail itself of these processes. It is
for that reason that almost all cells of a PCC difficulty redeemable shares so
that, upon the conclusion of the enterprise written by the cell, the
affairs of the (solvent) cell will be wound up by way of the
redemption or repurchase of the issued redeemable shares.

Unlike a cell of a PCC, an integrated cell will be wound-up in
the identical means as a non-mobile Guernsey firm.

If any cell of a PCC is unable to pay its money owed, technically the
PCC as a complete is unable to pay its money owed as a result of the PCC is a
single authorized entity and a creditor of that cell might apply to wind
up the complete PCC. However, on any software to the Guernsey
courtroom to wind up a PCC on the premise that one in all its cells is unable
to pay its money owed the Guernsey courtroom could be anticipated to refuse to
order the winding up of the PCC as a complete in recognition of the
nature of a PCC. Nonetheless, it’s common for contractual
documentation regarding PCCs to offer that within the occasion that
the belongings of a specific cell change into exhausted any rights of the
collectors towards that cell are extinguished and any proper of that
creditor to petition for the winding up of the PCC is excluded.

The content material of this text is meant to offer a common
information to the subject material. Specialist recommendation ought to be sought
about your particular circumstances.

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