Succulent Plants Mini Garden Hand Tools

Succulent Plants Tools

12 Pieces Succulent Plants Tools

Simple carry, lightweight.and simple to wash clean. Works very well for delicious plants, bonsai plants, and inside for little plants. 
Tops of the shovel, digging tool, and the rake is impeccable steel. Durable, and no rust even after rehashed use. Handle made of top-notch plastic is no break and scratch. 

15 Pieces Succulent Plants Tools

15 Pieces Succulent Plants Tools, Mini Garden Hand Tools Set 

Wide Range of Uses: The nursery hand instruments meets your different cultivating needs, burrowing, watering, slackening soil, relocating, cleaning, pruning, aquaculture developing and so forth, reasonable for delicious plants, bonsai plants and inside for little plants, and so on

Mini Garden Hand Tool Set

15 Pieces Succulent Transplanting Mini Garden Hand Tool Set

Digging tool Rake shovel Set: made of wood and iron, wooden handle helps cultivate, iron heads give the digging tool rake shovel great utilizing sense in the wake of utilizing for commonly Watering Bottle and Air Dust Blower: twist mouth plan of the container can help you watering the base of little plants well, the air blower is delicate, can undoubtedly overwhelm surface residue 

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