Blazing Crimson ‘Blood Moon’ To Seem In The Sky On Election Day

The moon will flip a shade of pink earlier than passing into the Earth’s shadow for a complete lunar eclipse Tuesday.

The “blood moon” is a standard a part of a complete lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses happen when a full moon passes via the shadow of the Earth. In a complete lunar eclipse, the moon slips into the darkest a part of Earth’s shadow, referred to as the umbra, which causes it to look pink, in response to NASA.

In that place, the moon solely receives daylight that has handed via the Earth’s ambiance. As the house company places it, “It’s as if all of the world’s sunrises and sunsets are projected” onto the moon.

Next week’s eclipse will happen within the early hours of election day within the United States. NASA shared a chart final month exhibiting the timing of various levels of the eclipse within the Eastern and Pacific time zones, with the moon slipping fully into Earth’s shadow at 5:17 a.m. ET and a pair of:17 a.m. PT.

The phenomenon can be seen throughout North and Central America, Asia, Australia and components of South America. After subsequent week, a complete lunar eclipse won’t happen once more for about three years.