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baganut logobaganut logo ———-Pick Up Nuts the Easy Way———-

Our story

How we got our start? Invented by Mr. James Dudley, the first Bag-A-Nut harvesters debuted at farm shows in 1989. The original harvester had a bag on the front to collect nuts, hence the name Bag-A-Nut. Mr. Dudley has since passed, but his inventive spirit carries on with his grandsons Caleb & Silas leading the company. What makes our product unique? We design and manufacture all of our harvesters right here in the USA (Jacksonville, FL). We pride ourselves on developing affordable, time saving harvesting solutions for homeowners and small orchard owners around the world. Why we love what we do? We’re nuts about nuts! If it falls from a tree, we’re determined to provide a way to pick it up…without bending over!

Back and time saver; no bending over
Maneuver under trees and around trunks with ease
Removable basket for easy dumping
Picks up 1 1/2″ to 2″ diameter objects (3.81cm – 5.08cm)

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