Ant-Man’s Technology Could Create Marvel’s Most Horrifying Weapons

The Punisher has his fingers on Pym Technology in his campaign in opposition to Neo-Nazis, and his newest thought makes use of Ant Man tech in a really horrific approach

Warning: Spoilers for Punisher War Journal: Blitz #1 forward!

It’s no secret that Ant-Man Hank Pym has among the Marvel Universe‘s most unstable expertise, however within the fingers of The Punisher, Pym Tech might be used to create a weapon so lethal and gory solely Frank Castle might provide you with it.

The Punisher has a status as Marvel’s most ruthless killer, and no matter his morality, he is undeniably good at what he does. Since Punisher took over because the chief of The Hand, his killing has solely gotten extra aggressive and efficient. With a seemingly infinite military of Hand assassins at his disposal, Castle is taking to battle zone after battle zone as a ruthless normal taking down opposition wherever it sprouts up. Alongside his military, Castle has begun using some superior tech to get the higher hand on his foes.


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In Punisher War Journal: Blitz #1, by Torunn Gronbeckk and Lan Medina, Castle and The Hand discover themselves searching down Hate-Monger, a white supremacist conflict profiteer, having to tear by way of his citizen-killing goons within the course of. Throughout the battle, Punisher makes use of Pym grenades to change the terrain, utilizing Hank Pym’s size-altering tech to enlarge a statue to show it right into a sniping put up. While this can be a cool second of ingenuity, Castle takes a second to mirror on his personal utility for Pym expertise: bullets. Containing Pym particles inside, the bullets would pierce the pores and skin and launch the embiggening particles contained in the physique, inflicting inside organs and bones to increase — and explode the goal from the inside-out.

This weapon is totally grotesque, sufficient so Punisher even admits it might doubtless be banned from conflict zones (although, he remarks, “we would nonetheless use them.”) Not solely does this concept spotlight what a vicious killer Punisher is, it additionally serves as a reminder of how harmful Pym particles might be. Hank Pym’s signature invention is straightforward in its’ execution however has an infinite quantity of potential functions other than making the person very small or very huge. The second Ant-Man, Scott Lang, used canisters of Pym particles to vary the dimensions of different objects, an early instance of weaponizing the particles. Even within the MCU, the place Ant-Man’s tech is commonly used for visible gags, the villain of Ant-Man (2015), Darren Cross, is seemingly killed by being shrunk inside his Yellowjacket go well with till he was finally crushed by it.

Cross’s surprising dying, nonetheless, nonetheless has nothing on Punisher’s thought for the atom-manipulating expertise. Frank Castle’s historical past as a conflict veteran and killer vigilante, and his current because the chief of The Hand, make Punisher a prime candidate to innovate with superior conflict expertise, a lot in the identical approach Pym was throughout his Avengers days within the 60s and 70s. In the fingers of the morally grey characters like Hank Pym’s Ant-Man and The Punisher, it is easy to see that Pym particles are one of the vital harmful weapons within the Marvel Universe.

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Look for Punisher War Journal: Blitz #1 out there now wherever comedian books are offered.

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