When you’re pondering of using a foliar spray to restore a macro nutrient deficiency, merely preserve on — Peter “Wheat Pete” Johnson has some concepts on that.

That’s merely one of many issues he covers on this episode of Wheat Pete’s Phrase. Additionally on the podcast, hear about totally different selections for glyphosate, why cellphone calls can matter so much, the nutrient value of straw, and discovering Delta yield.

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  • There are nonetheless Olympics occurring, apparently
  • Stress inside the countryside and on-line. Please, take a step once more and ask, “Are you OK?”
  • Glyphosate shortage looming? Probably
  • Tune in to The Agronomists, Feb 28, 8 pm E: Herbicide plan B, C, and so forth 
  • For corn, we’re in a position to stick with out it, first fee selections
  • Beginning to listen to that four-letter-word: tillage
  • Dr. Sikkema counsel one tillage cross has a lot much less of a carbon footprint vs. 1 litre glyphosate utility
  • January was COLD. -7.6 diploma C widespread temp. 24 12 months widespread -4.8 (for Strathroy)
  • Pete was out in South Dakota closing week, and it’s been extraordinarily mild and little snow
  • La Nina outcomes. Hear additional about what to anticipate inside the subsequent few months for Canada proper right here
  • Wheat straw demand! A penny a pound covers the PKS eradicated (not the pure matter). However add inside the N, and it’s 2.25 cents/pound. That’s nutrient value solely
  • Potash inside the starter may very well be important
  • Can foliar Okay work? Nope, it’s a macro, not a micro
  • Sand soil, low CEC 120 ppm Okay in soil check out. Under says I would really like additional, additional, additional. The place does it come from? Soybean crop doesn’t take all of it up. Comes out of the corn stalks and pure matter
  • Calcium is a smaller molecule than magnesium? Nope, totally different means spherical! But it absolutely’s hydrated magnesium vs hydrated calcium and when hydrated, calcium is smaller
  • What the heck is Delta yield? Basically its corn yield at zero added N vs non-limited N. That yield distinction (Delta), non-limited minus zero strip, equals delta and it’s an answer to determine basically the most economical worth of N

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