Ananya Panday’s cousin Alanna Panday and her fiance Ivor McCray V answered followers’ questions of their new vlog. They opened up about quite a lot of subjects, from their upcoming wedding ceremony to what they like and dislike about one another.

On being requested about the marriage date, Ivor mentioned, “I want the world to be back to normal because I want to bring friends and family to India and I can’t do that right now. Everyone needs a work visa to get in, so I need India to – this is a call to the Indian government – reduce your restrictions so I can bring my family.”

“We want to have our wedding so please let foreigners into the country. We do want to have two weddings – an Indian wedding and a white wedding. We’re looking at a year, year-and-a-half, because it’s two weddings, it’s so much to plan. The one that I want to have in India, in Jaipur, is going to be a three to five-day wedding,” Alanna added.

Alanna was additionally requested if she has met Shah Rukh Khan. “Yes, I have. He has not,” she mentioned. Ivor joked, “What do you mean? Me and Shah Rukh Khan got beers the other day when we were in India. He was teaching me dance moves.”

“You guys are going to say that I am being partial but I would say Ananya obviously,” Alanna mentioned, on being requested about her favorite Bollywood actor. “Or Salman Khan. Big Salman Khan fan,” Ivor chimed in.

Alanna and Ivor additionally talked about what they love, dislike and tolerate about one another. “Something I love about you is how silly you are and you always make me laugh. You are just kind of dorky and so cute at the same time. You take the seriousness out of some situations and make them fun,” he mentioned, including that he dislikes ‘how long it takes for (her) to get ready’.

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Ivor joked that he’s Alanna’s ‘personal Uber driver’ and mentioned, “I tolerate your ability to not drive.” She mentioned that she loves his positivity and the way loving and considerate he’s. She dislikes his ‘last-minute nature’ and tolerates his procrastination, she added.

On being requested about the variety of youngsters they need, Alanna mentioned, “This is a battle, I want two, he wants four.” After some back-and-forth, she mentioned, “Maybe we will meet in the middle at three.”

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