Ahsoka Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: 10 Star Wars Reveals

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Warning! This submit accommodates SPOILERS for Ahsoka episode 3Ahsoka episode 3 continues the reunion of Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson) and Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), that includes a group of thrilling Star Wars reveals as Morgan Elsbeth (Diana Lee Inosanto) will get ever nearer to bringing again Grand Admiral Thrawn, the previous Imperial chief who can allegedly reform the Empire. Following Ahsoka’s two-episode premiere, Tano and Wren are again as grasp and apprentice whereas on the hunt for Elsbeth and her allies. As such, they quickly study the reality about what the Nightsister of Dathomir has been constructing within the shadows of the recognized galaxy.

As seen in Ahsoka episode 3, Ahaoka has chosen to proceed Sabine’s Jedi coaching. In the meantime, Hera Syndulla (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is requesting assistance from the New Republic to assist stop the subsequent struggle Thrawn will inevitably start if introduced again to the recognized galaxy. Here’s a recap of Ahsoka episode 3 with 10 main reveals from the subsequent chapter of the thrilling Star Wars present.

10 Luke’s Lightsaber Coaching From A New Hope Lastly Will get An Official Title

Luke Skywalker and Training Droid in A New Hope

Getting Sabine again into combating type with a lightsaber, Ahsoka takes over from Huyang (David Tennant) to strive the observe type generally known as “Zatochi”. Giving Sabine a masked helmet to dam her bodily sight, the coaching approach is a callback to Luke Skywalker’s preliminary coaching from Obi-Wan Kenobi as seen in A New Hope. It is a very cool reveal, giving the approach its official identify as utilized by the Jedi Order.

Likewise, the brand new identify seems to be derived from Zatoichi, a blind masseur and swordsman of Japan’s Edo interval created by novelist Kan Shimozawa. The fictional fighter additionally grew to become the main character of 26 Japanese movies between 1962-1989. As such, the identify continues Star Wars’ traditional influences from Japanese tradition such because the movies by Akira Kurosawa and the way in which of the samurai.

9 The New Republic Would not Consider The Empire Is Going To Return

New Republic in Ahsoka Episode 3

Showing earlier than a New Republic Senatorial Committee to requisition a activity power to assist Ahsoka and Sabine, Hera’s proposal was declined with the assumption that not sufficient proof was current for an Imperial resurgence, nor Thrawn’s return. Likewise, it was additionally advised that Hera merely wished extra sources to assist in her ongoing quest to seek out Ezra Bridger, lengthy thought to have died together with Thrawn as seen in Star Wars Rebels’ collection finale. Whereas Chancellor Mon Mothma (Genevieve O’Reilly) was sympathetic, Hera’s main opposition got here from Senator Xiono (a returning character from Star Wars Resistance).

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8 Hera’s Son Jacen Syndulla Desires To Be A Jedi – Like His Father Earlier than Him

Jacen Syndulla in Ahsoka Episode 3

Hera’s son Jacen Syndulla additionally makes his live-action debut in Ahsoka episode 3 (performed by Evan Whitten). Listening to from Chopper that Sabine goes to be a Jedi, Jacen tells his mom that he desires to be a Jedi as properly. This could possibly be a tease for Jacen having a real future as a Jedi as Jacen’s father was the late Kanan Jarrus, a Jedi survivor from Order 66 who fell in love with Hera and in addition educated Ezra Bridger.

7 Ahsoka Confirms Sabine Can Use The Drive

Sabine Tries to Use The Force In Episode 3

Regardless of Huyang’s affirmation that Sabine carries a really low aptitude to wield the Drive and would have by no means been chosen by the Jedi Order to affix their ranks, Ahsoka counters with the reality that “The Drive resides in all dwelling issues”. This was a direct callback to Kanan in Star Wars Rebels who stated the very same factor about Sabine’s potential to make use of the Drive. As such, Tano continues to be of the thoughts that Sabine does have the flexibility to make use of the Drive regardless of her Mandalorian upbringing (offered she receives the correct of coaching).

6 Ahsoka Proves She’s Nonetheless One Of The Most Expert Jedi

Ahsoka in Space in Episode 3

Upon getting into the planetary orbit round Seatos, Ahsoka and Sabine’s T-6 shuttle was attacked by Shin Hati, Marrok, and an entire squadron of fighters. Ahsoka took it upon herself to exit the ship and defend it whereas Sabine made repairs, blocking the incoming photographs together with her lightsabers whereas standing exterior on the ship’s wing. Flipping over one of many fighters and destroying out within the void of area, Ahsoka greater than proves her unimaginable skill and ability as a former Jedi Knight on this episode.

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5 Morgan Elsbeth’s Eye Of Sion Is A Big Hyperspace Ring

Huyang Scans Eye of Sion in Ashoka Episode

Following Huyang’s scan of the Eye of Sion, he confirms that Morgan Elsbeth’s challenge is a big hyperspace ring, not not like the hyperspace rings utilized by the Jedi as seen in Assault of the Clones and The Clone Wars animated collection. It is also confirmed that the Eye can journey to different galaxies (such because the one the place Thrawn resides). To that finish, it is also attainable that the Eye is perhaps able to bringing a big ship again comparable to Thrawn’s Star Destroyer generally known as The Chimera (which disappeared together with him in Star Wars Rebels).

4 Ahsoka Episode 3 Confirms A Main Area Whale Star Wars Concept

The Purrgil from Ahsoka episode 3 and Ahsoka in her space suit

Throughout Shin and Marrok’s pursuit of Ahsoka and Sabine in Seatos’ environment, all of them flew instantly by way of a pod of star whales generally known as Purrgil. Likewise, Huyang additionally confirmed the Star Wars principle that historical hyperspace routes resulting in different galaxies had been found way back by following the migration paths of those creatures. Likewise, Purrgil are the identical creatures Ezra bonded with in Star Wars Rebels, utilizing them to move himself and Thrawn seemingly to this extragalactic world generally known as Peridea.

3 Tensions On The Darkish Aspect: Morgan Elsbeth and Shin Hati

Morgan and Shin in Ahsoka Episode 3

Having each did not destroy Ahsoka and Sabine’s shuttle, it is clear that there are some underlying tensions between Morgan Elsbeth and Shin Hati as they every mocked the opposite for his or her incapability to destroy the Jedi. As such, it is clear that Shin’s loyalty is to her grasp Baylan Skoll alone, having little respect for his or her employer who employed them to assist find Thrawn. This additionally helps the speculation that Baylan and his apprentice are in league in Morgan solely as long as it serves their objectives (which can very properly transcend discovering Thrawn).

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2 Ahsoka’s Jedi Starfighter Is Badly Broken

Damaged T-6 in Ahsoka Episode 3

As seen in Ahsoka episode 3, the T-6 shuttle was badly broken by turbolasers from the Eye of Sion. Compelled to land on the floor of Seatos, it is unknown if Ahsoka and Sabine will be capable of go away the planet within the aftermath of their battle with Elsbeth and her allies. Consequently, it is possible that Hera will quickly come to their rescue in The Ghost, disregarding the New Republic’s resolution to say no assist.

1 Baylan Instructions Hunters – Who He Sends After The Jedi

Baylan with Hunters in Ahsoka Episode 3

Serving as the ultimate scene of Ahsoka episode 3, Baylan Skoll sends a group of troops and HK murderer droids into the forest to search out Ahsoka and Sabine who’re hiding inside. These are the identical troopers who had been in service to Elsbeth as seen in The Mandalorian season 2 with Ahsoka’s live-action debut on the planet Corvus when she fought them. This was the identical episode wherein the Mandalorian Din Djarin helped Ahsoka arrest Girl Morgan after studying in regards to the star map resulting in Thraawn, the identical relic Tano situated in Ahsoka’s premiere episode.

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