Agricultural Scientist – Are you interested in a career as a food scientist?

Food scientist are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the American food supply and will study farm crops and animals to improve their quality and productivity. These agricultural scientists will explore ways to conserve soil and other nutrients and how to convert raw agricultural ingredients into healthier food products for the American people.

Food Scientist

In the last 20 years, the field of agricultural science has been flourishing as the desire to develop biofuels like ethanol has become a necessity for the services of food scientists. Environmental measures, including restoration of land damaged by mining or other pollution, is another area of ​​expansion.

Nanotechnology is also revolutionizing the field of AG Science, as production technology seeks to improve food production and control pests. Most individuals will work to research and develop and develop new food and agrochemicals.

Food scientists will work primarily in the processing industries, looking for better ways to package and store food for consumer use. They will analyze the nutritional content of various foods in an effort to increase the nutritional value of specific consumables.

Botanists are responsible for finding new uses for fiber crops and they will work to improve the nutritional production and quality of seed crops. In addition to protecting the soil from soil erosion and environmental damage, soil scientists are responsible for analyzing the soil structure and improving its quality.

The government employs some of these individuals to improve the quality of food and farmland in the country, especially to test new production techniques. A postgraduate degree is usually required to work in the field of research for agricultural scientist training, however, some zoologists do not require more than an associate degree.

Biotechnology jobs

Biotechnology is a science that uses organisms to make therapeutic drugs, diagnostic products and many other products that greatly benefit society. Analysts predict that biotechnology will become the most important applied science in the 21st century.


Biotechnology has many uses in health. Many therapeutic proteins are too complex to synthesize and therefore need to be made into living cells, such as bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells. These cells are often genetically engineered to form useful drugs.

Biotechnology has led to the development of numerous antibiotics to treat various infections and the development of many vaccines for the prevention of many diseases.

Another important health application is genetic testing. An individual’s DNA can be tested to determine the presence of any mutated sequences that may indicate a specific cancer risk or a set of specific adult diseases. Genetic testing is widely used in prenatal screening and is also used in the forensic science industry.


Biotechnology is used in agriculture to improve crop yields and to make crops stronger for environmental stress which causes damage and reduces crop yields. Resistant to pests. Crops are engineered to be naturally resistant to environmental pests that benefit the environment by using fewer pesticides and herbicides.

Biotechnology can improve the nutritional value of food and its appearance and taste.

The environment

Biotechnology uses microorganisms to clean up many contaminated environments such as sea oil spills and is widely used for wastewater treatment. Microorganisms metabolize contaminants to form harmless by-products.


One example is the design of an organism to produce useful chemicals. Another example is the use of enzymes in industrial use to make organic washing powders or valuable chemicals or to destroy harmful / polluting chemicals.

Biotechnology is important in the production of biodegradable plastics and in the production of biofuels.

The field of biotechnology offers a variety of career opportunities to qualified scientists. Most graduates enter the field after completing a relevant life science degree.

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