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The agricultural sector is very popular for providing job opportunities to a large number of people. Even today, there are many Agricultural jobs available in the agricultural sector which is considered as the main source of livelihood for many people. So if you are also looking for agricultural jobs, take a quick look at the various agricultural jobs available today.

Unlike in earlier times, today there are many undergraduate colleges, postgraduate colleges as well as universities which are conducting research on the subject of agriculture. You can join these colleges and universities as an agricultural research scientist or agricultural development officer. Also, many private organizations are looking for research scientists. The main objective of agricultural research scientists is to find ways to increase the level of agricultural production by increasing the amount of nutrients in the soil, making plants resistant to pests and diseases, and so on.

Agricultural Jobs

Agricultural Jobs – Changing Opportunities

Agriculture has always been an integral part of American history. The first settlers to come to America needed to be good farmers to survive. Since then the agro-industry has grown rapidly and now the agri-employment market can be very lucrative. Many of the new agricultural jobs available today are related to new types of technology that are needed to produce the crops that America demands. Gone are the days of a small family working on their land and growing small crops. Many large plantations are now run by large corporations that take advantage of new emerging technologies to harvest large quantities of crops in a short period of time. If you want to get one of these new types of jobs in the agricultural industry, you need to make sure you stay on top of the new technology available.

Many of these new jobs in agriculture have embraced this new technology. Global positioning systems (GPS) and biotechnology are two of the new technologies that have created many new jobs in the agricultural industry. The GPS system has really enhanced the ability of farmers to grow seeds and crops. They can ensure that they keep all their crops where they want them to be most productive. The field of biotechnology has really helped the agricultural industry, as many new innovations have resulted in better and safer fertilizers being applied to crops. Biotechnology has helped farmers to better understand what helps them to grow their crops better.  The agro-industry still has to work hard to get a good crop, but now many people can take advantage of these improvements to give the industry a better experience.

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  • Agricultural credit analyst
  • Buyers engaged in agriculture
  • Agriculture Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Food processing
  • Agricultural Clerk
  • Senior Agricultural Analyst
  • Audit Manager
  • Agricultural Assistant
  • Agricultural Supervisor
  • Food Scientist
In addition, there are many job opportunities in agriculture. Some of them include labeling, farm management, land valuation, packaging etc. Some other jobs in the agricultural sector include:
Raisers and farmers: Raisers raise livestock for production of eggs, meat and dairy products. On the other hand, farmers are responsible for taking crops for consumption.
Fishermen: Fishermen are responsible for catching wild fish. They usually work on boats on oceans as well as rivers.
Foresters: Foresters help in organizing reforestation work. They are also responsible for treating diseased plants. It is also their duty to find out which pesticides are suitable for killing which insects.
Agricultural Manager: They are responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of large fishery, farms, ranches and timber farms and overseeing the operation of the entire business.
Agricultural laborers: These are people who work in the fields and are responsible for preparing the soil, sowing seeds, cultivating or planting wood, applying proper fertilizers and pesticides, and harvesting crops. Those who work in fisheries or animal husbandry are responsible for feeding animals or fish and for milking cows, collecting eggs, etc.
These are just some of the popular agricultural jobs available today. The most interesting thing is that you can also see various jobs available online in the field of agriculture in the comfort of your home. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? So go through these job opportunities today and get the agricultural job of your dreams today!

The future of agriculture and technology

When considering jobs in the agricultural sector, both big and small things should be considered. Is a large agribusiness, with large companies developing new crops, fertilizers, pesticides and other high yielding crops. Small, on the other hand, means moving to small farms with local, organic food and hand-raised crops and animals.
In the United States and many other nations, agribusiness and large-scale agriculture are the primary sources of food. While traditional agricultural jobs of raising crops and animals remain important, agribusiness involves many career paths in research and development as well as sales, marketing and education. While studying biochemistry, engineering, biotechnology or even computer science, jobs in agriculture are not the first thing, but any of these degrees can pave the way for lucrative employment in agribusiness. As more and more jobs become computerized, and as the world’s population grows, so will the demand for food, and so will high-tech jobs in agriculture. There will be demand for workers with high technology and agricultural knowledge.
At the other end of the scale, interest in organic and locally produced food has grown over the past decade. Due to health and environmental concerns, many people choose local and organic foods, even if they cost more. Farmers’ markets are booming, and traditional grocery stores are increasing their supply of organic food.
What does this mean for agricultural jobs? That is, large-scale farming is not the only way. For the first time in decades, there has been an increase in the number of people seeking small or full-time farming. Many people are approaching this as a second career or a completely new career path and they are not working in the farming community or on the farm. This means that there is a growing demand for people with agricultural knowledge to teach school curricula, write books and consult with people to set up new farms or perhaps move to organic farming. As more and more people decide to grow food for themselves and their local communities, experts in agriculture and animal husbandry will demand more of their skills.
At both large and small levels, agricultural jobs are expanding and more and more knowledge is being acquired in the context of rediscovery of new technologies and traditional techniques. This is an exciting time to get around. Search all agricultural jobs on Agriculture Jobs