Make your personal candy and nutty acorn flour from foraged nuts utilizing just some easy instruments and this straightforward recipe.

Ever questioned concerning the heaps of acorns you discover within the park every autumn? How there appear so to be so many, and why no person appears to trouble gathering them, and whether or not or not you’ll be able to eat them?

Well, I’ve excellent news and fewer good information for you! The excellent news is you can make like a squirrel and eat acorns within the type of scrumptious acorn flour. The much less excellent news is it takes just a little effort, just a few easy instruments, endurance and an oak tree having its “mast” yr.

Oak bushes don’t produce stacks of acorns yearly, as an alternative, each few years they go huge. It’s straightforward sufficient to inform if an oak tree is having a mast yr and has ripe acorns – you will note them scattered all around the floor round it (acorn foraging will not be a standard previous time right here in Australia and we don’t have any squirrels to beat you to it!).

Acorns are filled with a lot of vitamins, fat and protein, however they’re additionally filled with stacks of tannins, which make them bitter and indigestible (to not point out unpalatable) to people, so that they want fairly a little bit of processing earlier than they are often eaten within the nutty and naturally candy type of acorn flour.

Let’s get began…

Step 1: Collect your acorns

Collect freshly fallen acorns – these often have a dusky patch on the high the place the cap lately indifferent and are darker in color than these which were mendacity round within the solar just a little longer.

Step 2: Float check

Submerge in water and discard any floaters – they’re more likely to have been nibbled on within the inside.

collecting acorns

Step 3: Blanche

Blanche your acorns for simple shell removing.

cracking acorns

Step 4: Get cracking!

Crack the acorn husks whereas they’re nonetheless scorching, utilizing the trusty towel and hammer methodology illustrated beneath

Note: This will not be a spoiling acorn, it’s an “activated” acorn – able to sprout! Fine for turning into flour.

Step 5: Quality management

Exercise just a little high quality management while cracking – some acorns could have handed the float check however will nonetheless clearly ben spoiling. You can both discard the entire acorn or minimize away the “dangerous” bits and feed them to your chooks or a compost bin.

acorn flour recipe

Step 6: Remove husks

Remove husks from the nut meats. Depending in your explicit oak tree this can be straightforward or onerous.

If husks appear actually caught to the nut meats then you’ll be able to straightforward issues up for your self by drying out acorns and husks in a dehydrator for 20 minutes or so earlier than making an attempt to take away husks. Some varieties are simply really easy you’ll be able to skip this step.

Acorn flour recipe

Step 7: Hot leach

Leach your acorns of their tannins. One of the principle causes acorns aren’t extra generally eaten is that they’re filled with bitter tannins that make them inedible of their uncooked state.

It’s straightforward sufficient to hot-leach these tannins proper out of them although. To scorching leach acorns, place nut meats in a big saucepan and canopy with double their depth of water. Bring to the boil. Simmer for half-hour to at least one hour.

Drain and rinse acorns in a colander. Repeat till the water runs cleaner when rinsed via acorns and once you nibble the nut-meats you cannot style any bitterness. This can take between three to 6 occasions in our expertise, as completely different forms of oak comprise differing tannin ranges.


Step 8: Blend

Blend up your acorns right into a paste utilizing a meals processor or grain mill. Spread paste onto dehydrator trays (should you don’t have a dehydrator you’ll be able to pop them on baking paper lined oven trays and place in a really low oven).

Dehydrate for 20 minutes. Crumble combine and return to the dehydrator for one more 20 minutes, or till the combination may be very dry.

milling into flour

Step 9: Mill into flour

Pass the dried paste via a grain mill or a really high quality sieve, and voila! Beautiful scrumptious acorn flour is yours.

Chicken homeowners take notice: Chooks love acorns! Ours fortunately eat them on the cracked stage, an inexpensive and fattening meals for our Faverolles!

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