A guide to which OSR varieties to grow next season

Twelve winter oilseed rape varieties joined the AHDB Recommended List for 2022-23, with a variety of varieties being added because the crop’s fortunes proceed to enhance.

Hybrids, conventionals, specialist Clearfield varieties and one suited to clubroot-infected land have been authorised, whereas a brand new semi-dwarf selection was described.

For Colin Peters, break crop specialist at Niab, there are some good additions to the line-up and a few welcome new genetics for phoma resistance, however there are additionally seven varieties that didn’t make the reduce that shouldn’t be discounted.

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“There are varied the reason why these varieties didn’t get really useful, however most of them have fairly a bit to provide,” he says.

“It’s a superb factor the AHDB publishes a listing on-line of those that didn’t get added, as they’re possible to be cheaper and can enchantment to some.”

UK Recommendation

Turning his consideration to the UK listing, Mr Peters highlights Corteva’s hybrid PT303, which is the one selection to provide tolerance to sclerotinia.

“It’s vital to perceive that that is tolerance, somewhat than resistance,” he says. “It’s precisely the kind of genetic improvement that growers need, given the rising price of inputs and an comprehensible reluctance to apply insurance coverage sprays, particularly on flowering crops.”

PT303 additionally tops the listing for gross output, with a UK determine of 107%. It has good illness resistance, with 7 rankings for each mild leaf spot and stem canker, and it scores 8s for resistance to lodging and stem stiffness.

“PT303 has a really quick flowering window, which might scale back the necessity for fungicides throughout flowering anyway, despite the fact that its tolerance has a genetic foundation,” says Mr Peters.

“It will definitely assist growers make their minds up about whether or not to spray or not.”

The solely draw back with the breakthrough selection is that it doesn’t provide pod shatter resistance – one thing growers have actually began to worth, he provides.

Auckland is one other very robust newcomer for 2022-23, which builds on the success Limagrain has developed in oilseed rape breeding.

A hybrid that additionally has a UK yield of 107%, it brings resistance to each turnip yellows virus (TuYV) and pod shatter.

“It appears to do effectively wherever it’s grown,” he provides. “It’s typical of the sort that Limagrain produces and can entice a following.”

Annika is a brand new standard selection from Limagrain with a UK-wide suggestion and a gross output of 103%.

Bound to be of curiosity to growers preferring conventionals and the power to home-save seed, it has outperformed Aspire and is barely higher for stem canker.

“What we now have to keep in mind with most of those new oilseed rape varieties is that the Rlm7 gene used for phoma resistance received’t final without end – we all know it has already been overcome in France, so further genetics will develop into more and more vital,” says Mr Peters.

The two different new varieties with a UK suggestion are each Clearfield varieties – Matrix CL from DSV and Limagrain’s Constructor CL.

Matrix CL has a UK gross output of 99%, placing it proper in rivalry with a comparable yield to different varieties.

“For growers who need herbicide-resistant varieties of their system, it’s a good selection,” he says. “It additionally brings an 8 for stem canker resistance.”

Constructor CL may be very comparable, he suggests, however with a decrease gross output of 96% and a stem canker score of 6. Like Matrix CL, it has TuYV and pod shatter resistance.

“Growers who’ve made the Clearfield system work appear to be sticking with it, so these two carry them further selection and yields far more in tune with the mainstream varieties.”

Drilling OSR

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East/West area

Four hybrid varieties have been added to the Recommended List for the East/West area, with Adonis main the pack with a gross output of 108%.

“Adonis doesn’t have the pod shatter trait, however it has superb stem canker resistance with a score of 8,” studies Mr Peters. “This relies on the Rlm7 gene, so the identical warning applies because it does to others.”

Also really useful was DSV’s hybrid Dart, which is one other robust performer on 106%. Like Adonis, it provides TuYV resistance, however not pod shatter, and has 7s for mild leaf spot and stem canker.

Tennyson from Elsoms has a gross output of 104% and the best stem canker score of 9 – which comes from a collection of genes, in accordance to the breeder.

“We’re informed that Tennyson doesn’t depend on the Rlm7 gene alone for its distinctive resistance and that it has further genetics,” he says. “Either manner, its stem canker resistance is phenomenal.”

Flemming from LSPB is the corporate’s second hybrid selection to embody new genetics for phoma resistance within the type of the RlmS gene, which Mr Peters sees as a optimistic improvement.

“It’s good to see different breeders getting their varieties recognised and into the combo,” he says.

“We know that genetics will play an more and more vital position in defending crops, so this variety may be very welcome and comes on the proper time.”

Also on a gross output of 104%, Flemming joins its stablemate Respect on the East/West listing and is anticipated to develop into a helpful accomplice selection.

Drilling OSR

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North area

New standard Amarone from Limagrain has been really useful for the north area solely, the place it has a gross output of 105%.

Shorter than most, Amarone has good resistance to lodging and stem stiffness scores, in addition to TuYV resistance. A 6 for stem canker is beneath that of different newcomers, though the illness is much less of a priority within the North.

Clubroot resistance

New hybrid Crossfit from DSV has joined the group of varieties appropriate for rising on clubroot-infected land.

Mr Peter describes it as an fascinating improvement on this sector, because it brings each the TuYv and pod shatter resistance traits, in addition to a stem canker resistance score of 9.

“It doesn’t provide something extra on gross output, however it’s a superb selection,” he says. “As with the opposite clubroot varieties, it ought to solely be grown on contaminated land and according to administration pointers.”


Finally, a brand new semi-dwarf hybrid for the East/West area from Corteva, PX138, has been added to the listing of described varieties.

With a top of 120cm and a gross output of 91%, it’s barely off the tempo, however it does carry TuYV resistance to this group of three and will likely be of curiosity to growers who like this sort.

UK listing: Top-yielding selection Ambassador v 5 newcomers

  Ambassador PT303  Auckland  Annika (new) Matrix CL  Constructor CL 
Type Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Conventional Hybrid Hybrid
Gross output (%) 106 107 107 103 99 96
Lodging 8 [8] [8] [8] [8] [8]
Pod shatter  R R R R
Light leaf spot 7 7 7 7 9 6
Phoma 7 7 7 6 8 6
Turnip yellows virus  R R R R R R

Agronomy traits on a scale of 1-9 ,the place 9 shows the trait the strongest. [] = restricted information

East and West solely: Top-yielding selection Antigua v 4 newcomers

  Antigua Adonis Dart Tennyson Flemming
Type Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid Hybrid
Gross output (%) 104 108 106 104 104
Lodging [8] [8] [8] [8] [8]
Pod shatter  R
Light leaf spot 6 7 7 7 7
Phoma 7 8 7 9 8
Turnip yellows virus  R R R R R

Agronomy traits on a scale of 1-9, the place 9 shows the trait the strongest. [] = restricted information

North-only listing: Amerone and Blazen


Amarone (new)

Type Conventional Conventional
Gross output (%) 105 101
Lodging [8] [8]
Pod shatter
Light leaf spot 7 7
Phoma 6 6
Turnip yellows virus R

Agronomy traits on a scale of 1-9, the place 9 shows the trait the strongest. [] = restricted information

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