2021 was a yr of unprecedented change. The worldwide Coronavirus pandemic saved us on our toes and taught us to take issues one step at a time. As a lot because the virus affected folks everywhere in the world, the animals went about their enterprise as ordinary, as Dave Varty mentioned in his 2021 yearly round-up,

“at the very least leopards don’t get Covid!”

We have been fortunate sufficient to have a pack of untamed canines denning on Londolozi which offered superb viewing, new leopard and even cheetah cubs, and allow us to not neglect the arrival of latest male lions, the N’watsichaka (Ndzenga) males. Simply to call just a few of the highlights…

SDZ Wild dog pups emerge

We felt extremely privileged to have the ability to watch these wild canine pups develop from blind, helpless balls of fur into adolescent wild canines working with the remainder of the pack.

So what does 2022 maintain? Let’s break it down…


The Nkoveni Feminine nonetheless has her two feminine cubs who’re 11 months outdated, that means in the course of the course of this yr we might have two extra resident feminine leopards on the property. I say this as a result of if she does efficiently elevate them to independence, she is going to doubtless cede a portion of her territory to them. There’s vacant house to the South of her territory because the Mashaba Feminine appears to have shifted her territory additional afield to the south.


Nkoveni Leopard And Cubs Dean De La Rey Dlr 11:21

It has been fascinating to watch how the behavioural traits of each of the Nkoveni feminine’s cubs has differed while rising up. The one, barely bigger cub usually wanders off and appears to not thoughts being other than her mother for lengthy intervals of time, while her sibling is seen along with her mom much more usually.

The Ximungwe Feminine’s Male Cub is rising in energy and stature and is simply barely older than the Nkoveni Feminine’s Cubs, slightly below 11 months outdated. It is going to be a tremendous feat if the Ximungwe Feminine can elevate her second cub to independence in lower than 4 years. Throughout 2022 is perhaps too quickly, however hopefully, throughout the subsequent 11-13 months he might develop into a roaming, nomadic male on Londolozi and her environment.

The Piccadilly Younger Feminine is nearly utterly impartial and we should always begin seeing her establishing a territory of her personal within the first half of the yr, most probably north of the Sand River.

Piccadilly And Cub Head Rub

Now solely barely smaller than her mom, the Piccadilly Younger Feminine is beginning to be seen on her personal much more usually, indicating that sooner or later within the close to future she will probably be totally impartial.

The youngest cub on the property at this stage is the Three Rivers Feminine’s Younger Male Cub, solely 4 and a half months of age (in January ’22), she is going to nonetheless want to supply for him for the rest of the yr.

Edit Twip 3

The Three Rivers Feminine was pressured into early independence, at round one yr outdated when her mom died. Male cubs (resembling hers) are normally depending on their moms for the primary two years of their lives


The Mhangeni Delight wants a dominant coalition to sire their cubs and subsequently shield them. They’ve remained pretty below the radar so to talk, most probably as a result of they nonetheless have one cub that’s round eight months outdated. The most probably contenders appear to be the Plain’s Camp Males who’ve made a reputation for themselves on the western elements of Londolozi. If the delight accepts them, the destiny of this cub is sadly not trying good… It does imply nevertheless that two younger, huge males will be capable to sire new litters of cubs and take care of the delight.

Munghen Cub On Termite Mound (2)

The youngest member of the Mhangeni Delight appears to be like barely bewildered after being separated from the remainder of her delight briefly.

The Ntsevu Lionesses nonetheless have cubs that belong to the Birmingham Males. With just one Birmingham Male having been seen during the last 4 months (the whereabouts of his coalition associate is unknown and questions of whether or not he’s nonetheless alive being requested), these cubs are weak to the brand new males on the block, the 4 Ndzhenga Males. These males have moved in and laid declare to what was as soon as was the Birmingham Male’s territory and it is going to be fascinating to see how the approaching months unfold.

Sdz Ndzenga Male Lion Greet

Two of the Ndzhenga Males greet one another by brushing their heads. One of many Ntsevu Lionesses has already been seen mating with one among these brothers

The actions of each the Ntsevu and Nkuhuma Sub-adult Lions has been pretty erratic. The make-up of each teams comprises each women and men (Ntsevu: 6 males and 5 females; Nkuhuma: 5 males and a pair of females), and what’s going to most probably occur is the males from every group will type nomadic coalitions respectively and the females will type new prides. This inference is predicated on the historical past of prides within the space and should not play out as described, but when it does, it’s going to most probably be this coming yr. With this being mentioned, the Plains Camp Males have already been seen associating themselves with the Nkuhuma Sub-adult Females in latest months, so the break up is perhaps coming before initially anticipated.

Nkuhuma Sub Adult Male

One of many 5 Sub-adult Males from the Nkuhuma Delight gazes in our course within the early hours of the morning

Lastly, the destiny of the Tsalala Delight rests upon one lioness, the final standing Tsalala Feminine. The continued saga of this well-known delight continues and solely time will inform if she is going to be capable to survive lengthy sufficient to have cubs of her personal, given the ever-changing lion dynamics round her, this won’t be straightforward.

RCB Sunrise At Finfoot landscape

2022 is a brand new yr, and with it change will most actually come. In what actual type this variation will come is unsure, we must let mom nature herself unravel the mysteries that lie forward

One factor is for certain, fascinating occasions lay forward. I can’t wait to see how all of those dynamics play out within the coming months and we’ll make sure to preserve the prolonged Londolozi household up to date if and when issues do change. Completely happy 2022!


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