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Jan 12, 2022

As a farmer, I understand the level of risk involved in our line of work. A strong farm safety net is key to ensuring the success of American producers. USDA’s Risk Management Agency is committed to improving access to crop insurance and training for producers that have historically lacked access to resources.

USDA just announced it will invest $2 million in Risk Management Education projects. This funding establishes agreements with organizations to train producers how to best manage weather or business risks.

Marcia Bunger, RMA Administrator

In 2021, we funded several such projects throughout the country, from California to Georgia.

“It is incredibly important to provide education about crop insurance and evolving programs for specialty crop, diversified, and Certified Organic producers,” explains Donn Cooper, Project Director for Team Agriculture Georgia, one of several organizations which received RMA funding. “RMA seems unique in the projects that it seeks to fund in that it has always emphasized a holistic approach to risk management.”

Donn Cooper (L), Project Director at Team Agriculture Georgia gives a workshop on food safety at farm stands and markets

Interested organizations must apply by 5:59 p.m. Eastern on March 11 through the Results Verification System at Read more at

This selection process is competitive. We prioritize projects educating historically underserved, organic, specialty crop and livestock producers. Historically underserved producers include socially disadvantaged producers, women producers, and others. Proposals related to climate change, wildfire response, local foods, and urban ag will also be given stronger consideration.

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