15 Best Woody Quotes From The Toy Story Movies

The superb and profitable Pixar movies have created some unforgettable characters over time, however Woody from the Toy Story Movies is likely to be the perfect of all of them. Woody has taken audiences on a tremendous journey by means of the Toy Story franchise and it is onerous to not fall in love with the type and caring cowboy.

While the franchise could also be over now, Woody has left behind so many superb recollections from these movies. From his extra ridiculous moments to his sweetest moments, Woody stays a hero price revisiting. Here are Woody’s greatest quotes from the Toy Story Movies.

A New Toy In Town

“What Chance Does A Toy Like Me Have Against A Buzz Lightyear Action Figure?”

The ending of Toy Story

Pixar has an actual expertise for telling tales about extraordinary issues, like toys coming to life, however discovering one thing very human and relatable on the middle of it. For Toy Story, the viewers can acknowledge Woody’s emotions of inadequacy and envy when Buzz appears to turn into the brand new favourite toy.


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Though they’re always feuding all through the film, this second of vulnerability from Woody when he admits his worries about shedding Andy helps to cement his friendship with Buzz.

A Toy’s Purpose

“Being There For A Child Is The Most Noble Thing A Toy Can Do.”


Throughout the franchise, Woody goes to extraordinary lengths to be there for his youngster. And whereas his ego in getting changed performs some position in his motivations, his actual willpower is that he sees it as his job to be there for Andy.

When Buzz learns he’s a toy and feels his existence is now meaningless, Woody is the one who ensures him that bringing pleasure to a child is the best function he might have. It explains quite a bit about his persona and can be fascinating to think about given his determination in Toy Story 4.

Embracing Being A Cowboy

“Ride Like The Wind Bullseye!”

Woody's Roundup Toy Story 2

Just like Buzz Lightyear the toy was impressed by a film throughout the Toy Story universe, Woody got here from a preferred present referred to as Woody’s Roundup. Woody himself discovers this in Toy Story 2 and sees the bigger legacy he is part of.

He shortly takes to that position because the heroic cowboy and even adopts his personal catchphrase from the present, shouting “Ride just like the wind, Bullseye!” when leaping into the saddle of his trusty horse. If Buzz can get his personal spinoff, possibly Woody’s Roundup will get a film sometime as effectively.

Losing It

“This Is The Perfect Time To Panic!”

Woody Yells at Buzz in Toy Story

Woody takes a management position among the many toys in Andy’s room. While the opposite toys are always in a state of fear, Woody places on a relaxed and courageous face even when he’s anxious himself.

So when that calm and picked up persona steadily falls aside with the arrival of Buzz, it’s fairly humorous to observe. After he and Buzz discover themselves misplaced exterior of Andy’s home, Buzz is the secure one whereas Woody completely embraces his panic.

A Lame Weapon

“Oh, Great. If Anyone Attacks We Can Blink Em’ To Death.”

Woody in Toy Story

While Buzz is a extra spectacular toy when he first arrives, he’s additionally completely delusional in pondering that he’s an actual house ranger. Since no different toy appears to have an issue with this, it turns into a terrific a part of the comedic dynamic between Woody and Buzz.

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When they discover themselves trapped in Sid’s room together with his creepy toys, Buzz ensures Woody that he’ll set his laser from stun to kill. Woody will not be reassured, nonetheless, provided that the laser is only a lightbulb.

Woody’s Footwear

“There’s A Snake In My Boots!”

Woody in Toy Story - Best Tom Hanks Movies

Along with being a dashing cowboy toy, Woody comes with a pull string that permits him to share a few of his memorable catchphrases. But clearly, essentially the most memorable of his catchphrases needs to be “There’s a snake in my boots”.

It looks like such a random phrase to incorporate with this toy however it’s humorous nonetheless. The phrase additionally factors to the truth that Woody is a little bit of an outdated toy which provides to his insecurities when a brand new, cooler toy comes round.

Getting Annoyed With Buzz

“The Word I’m Searching For – I Can’t Say, Because There’s Preschool Toys Present.”

Woody and Buzz' Arm in Toy Story 1995

When Woody and Buzz first meet, it is protected to say they don’t begin out as buddies. Woody fears that this new spaceman toy will take his place as Andy’s favourite. He solely hates Buzz extra by Buzz’s insistence that he is not a toy.

After Woody continues to name Buzz a toy, Buzz tells him the phrase he is trying to find is “house ranger”. Woody snaps again “The phrase I’m trying to find I can not say as a result of there are preschool toys current.”

Being There For Andy

“I Can’t Stop Andy From Growing Up. But I Wouldn’t Miss It For The World.”

Toy Story - Sad Woody

Despite being Andy’s favourite toy, Woody has to cope with the truth that Andy will develop up sometime and that his personal future is unsure. In Toy Story 2, Woody discovers he’s a collector’s merchandise and a worthwhile toy.

Woody is given the chance to go to a toy museum and be admired for years to return as a substitute of ready till Andy is uninterested in taking part in with toys. However, Woody realizes he nonetheless needs to see Andy develop up, even when it is just for a short while longer.

A Chance At A New Life

“And That Box Gets Taken Away…”

Woody and Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4 opens with a flashback to Woody and the opposite toys nonetheless at Andy’s home on the day Bo Peep was given away. Woody makes an try to save lots of Bo from the donation field however she insists it’s her time to go away.

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She then means that toys get misplaced in bins on a regular basis, hinting for Woody coming along with her. For a quick second, Woody considers leaving Andy to be with Bo. We at all times see Woody attempting to do what’s greatest for others, it’s fascinating to see him think about his personal happiness for as soon as.

When Andy Needs Them

“We’ll Always Be There For Him.”

In Toy Story 3, Woody and the opposite toys are confronted with Andy going to school. Once once more, whereas the others panic about what is going to come subsequent, Woody stays the voice of motive and calm. He assures the opposite toys that this isn’t the tip. They will go up into the attic and be there for Andy every time he wants them.

This is the right instance of Woody’s outlook as a toy. He sees it as his job to place the wants of the kid above every little thing else, however over time, he realizes he can transfer on.

Teaching Sid A Lesson

“So Play Nice.”

Sid and Woody in Toy Story

Perhaps essentially the most unsettling villain within the franchise is Sid, the younger boy who lives subsequent door to Andy’s home and enjoys destroying toys. Of course, it is not lengthy earlier than Woody and Buzz discover themselves trapped at Sid’s home.

As Sid will get able to destroy Buzz, Woody enacts a plan for revenge. He organizes the entire toys to return alive and are available after Sid which terrifies the younger boy. Finally, Woody comes alive to inform Sid to respect his toys, giving Sid scare.

Not Impressed

“That Wasn’t Flying. That Was Falling With Style.”

Toy Story Woody Laughing at Buzz Lightyear

To make Woody’s relationship with Buzz all of the tougher at first, all the opposite toys appear to be very impressed with the spaceman. They do not even appear to thoughts that he does not know he is a toy. But when Buzz suggests he actually can fly, it is an excessive amount of for Woody.

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He challenges Buzz to fly across the room and, due to plenty of luck, Buzz truly does it. As the toys heap reward on Buzz, Woody tries to influence that it is all a hoax. He yells “That wasn’t flying. That was falling with type.” It’s a take a look at Woody’s personal damage ego.

Parting Ways

“…And Beyond.”

Toy Story 4 poster with Woody

Toy Story 4 finds Woody confronted with a brand new dilemma as he does not know what his function is together with his new child Bonnie. While on a household street journey, Woody finds his long-lost love Bo Peep and in the long run, he decides it is time to pursue his personal path and be with Bo.

Woody shares a last goodbye with Buzz and the 2 previous buddies half methods. As Buzz watches Woody fade out of sight, he says, “To Infinity” and Woody responds “And past”. A bittersweet finish that guarantees their friendship will proceed regardless.

Setting Buzz Right

“You Are A Child’s Play Thing!”

Woody in Toy Story 3

One of the explanations the character of Woody works so effectively is the efficiency by Tom Hanks. Though it’s only a voice efficiency, Hanks injects a lot coronary heart and humor into the position and makes Woody a personality that audiences can love and chortle with even when he is incorrect.

As Woody continues to lose his thoughts over Buzz, he lastly confronts his rival with an outrageous rant. He screams “You. Are. A. Toy! You aren’t the true Buzz Lightyear, you are an motion determine! You are a toddler’s plaything!”

End Of An Era

“So Long… Partner”

Andy and Woody in Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 could not have been the tip of the franchise, however it was the tip of a bug chapter. With Andy going away to school, the toys all marvel what is going to turn into of them. In the tip, Andy donates all of them to a brand new child Bonnie and so they discover a blissful new house.

Though he was meant to go off to school with Andy, Woody decides his time with Andy is over. As Andy drives out of sight, Woody watches him go and says a last goodbye to his greatest buddy.

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