11 Harry Potter Fan Theories That Were Actually Confirmed (& 8 That Should Be)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows answered most of the lingering questions in regards to the sequence, whereas additionally elevating a number of new ones. The indisputable fact that Deathly Hallows was the ultimate e-book within the sequence led many followers to consider that their questions would by no means be answered – until J. Ok. Rowling ever acquired round to writing her promised encyclopedia of the sequence. The Harry Potter sequence didn’t finish as deliberate, although, as Pottermore revealed new details about the setting in an internet house, whereas The Cursed Child and the brand new sequence of prequel motion pictures (beginning with Fantastic Beasts) supplied followers glimpses into the previous and way forward for the setting. J. Ok. Rowling has additionally turn into a outstanding determine on Twitter, the place she has answered questions in regards to the Harry Potter setting to followers all over the world.


The new items of Harry Potter media have answered a number of the lingering questions in regards to the unique books, however there are nonetheless a number of issues that followers do not know in regards to the world of magic and wizards. Harry Potter followers have had time to provide you with their very own explanations for what actually occurred through the occasions 0f the story.

Updated on June twentieth, 2022 by George Chrysostomou: The Wizarding World continues to increase with the discharge of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore enriching the canon, and with it so too do the rumors and fan theories that attempt to fill out this complicated fictional panorama. With so many to interrupt down and extra getting invented with every passing launch, these confirmed and potential theories actually clarify some fascinating particulars about Harry Potter’s universe. 

Confirmed Harry Potter Fan Theories

Azkaban Was A Way Of Containing The Dementors

The witches and witches who’re caught committing crimes within the United Kingdom will probably be despatched to Azkaban, which was guarded for the longest time by the Dementors. The Dementors feed on the souls of the dwelling and unfold despair with their mere presence, which was why they have been chosen to protect Azkaban. Dementors attacked Muggles in Order of the Phoenix, which led some followers to take a position that Azkaban might exist to be able to maintain the Dementors in a single place and stop them from working rampant in cities.

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Pottermore confirmed this concept with a web page on Azkaban, which acknowledged that the actual cause Dementors have been saved because the guards of Azkaban for thus lengthy was in order that they may very well be confined, as they have been being supplied with souls. This implies that Azkaban was as a lot a jail for the Dementors because it was for the inmates.

Voldemort Created More Horcruxes Than Initially Thought

Voldemort and Harry Battling

One of the unanswered questions of the Harry Potter sequence includes the method behind making a Horcrux. All that is recognized thus far is that it requires the lack of a human life and an object to include a chunk of the soul that had been sundered, however J. Ok. Rowling has made it clear that there’s extra concerned when a Horcrux is made. The thriller behind the tactic of making a Horcrux led many followers to take a position that Voldemort had created extra Horcruxes than Dumbledore ever realized.

Pottermore lastly proved that this concept was actual when it revealed that Professor Quirrell was a brief Horcrux and that Voldemort’s presence in his physique was corrupting him from the within out. It’s doable that Voldemort might have created many related short-term Horcruxes throughout his exile including to a much-talked-about Harry Potter concept.

Lycanthropy Is A Metaphor For HIV

Lupin howling at the moon in Harry Potter

Werewolves are an actual factor within the Harry Potter universe and lots of witches and wizards are afraid of being bitten by one, lest they remodel right into a feral beast on the arrival of the total moon. Numerous Harry Potter followers observed the parallels between lycanthropy and the therapy of these with HIV in the actual world. Remus Lupin is denied most of the alternatives of his fellow wizards on account of his situation and might’t even discover a job, as a result of persistent superstitions that encompass his illness.

J. Ok. Rowling confirmed the connection between lycanthropy and HIV through the Lexicon Book court docket case, nevertheless it did not turn into broadly recognized till it was talked about in a sequence of e-books that gathered the knowledge from Pottermore. 

The Baby That Harry Saw In Limbo Was Voldemort’s Fate In The Afterlife

When Harry arrives in Limbo after being struck down by Voldemort in The Deathly Hallows, he witnesses a mutilated child that’s writhing in ache. It’s by no means defined within the story who the kid was, however some followers suspected that it was associated to Voldemort, as he was additionally unconscious through the time frame when Harry was in Limbo.

J. Ok. Rowling revealed on her previous web site that the newborn was Voldemort, or reasonably, it was the final piece of his wounded soul that also existed. Voldemort had broken his soul a lot by creating the entire Horcruxes {that a} horrible destiny awaited him within the afterlife. The film model of The Deathly Hallows makes this connection just a little extra clear, because the child has a robust resemblance to Voldemort.

Hermione Smelled Ron’s Hair In Slughorn’s Potion

Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn in Harry Potter

Horace Slughorn left a much better first impression when he took over the position of Potions Master from Severus Snape since he wasn’t a jerk who picked on his college students. Slughorn confirmed his class a variety of fascinating potions to pique their curiosity in potion-making, one in all which was a strong love potion known as Amortentia.

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Those who odor Amortentia will decide up their favourite scents, as Hermione demonstrated in Half-Blood Prince. Hermione stops herself from revealing the final of her favourite smells and appeared embarrassed by what she was about to say. When the Harry Potter sequence concluded, J. Ok. Rowling revealed that Hermione’s secret favourite scent was truly Ron’s hair, which might have spoiled her attraction to him a e-book early if she had by accident stated it out loud.

Dudley Became More Compassionate Due To His Encounter With The Dementor

Dudley Dursley tormented Harry all through their childhood collectively, which was prompted by the abusive perspective of his dad and mom. When Dudley exhibits up for the final time in The Deathly Hallows, he’s a modified man. Dudley has instantly turn into apprehensive in regards to the well-being of Harry and has developed a level of compassion that he had by no means demonstrated earlier than.

Dudley had beforehand encountered a Dementor in Order of the Phoenix and felt their dread firsthand. This led followers to take a position that assembly a Dementor had prompted the change in Dudley’s persona. J. Ok. Rowling confirmed that Dudley had certainly been modified by his encounter with the Dementor, as their energy prompted him to see himself for what he actually was – a heartless bully. It was this assembly that helped Dudley to turn into a greater individual inside the Harry Potter concept.

The Chamber Of Secrets Was Protected By Other Descendants Of Salazar Slytherin

Salazar Slytherin constructed the Chamber of Secrets throughout his lifetime, which was meant to be a secure place for secrets and techniques to be handed all the way down to his descendants. Tom Riddle was simply one of many many individuals who found the key of the chamber throughout their time at Hogwarts.

One query that perplexed followers was how the doorway to the Chamber of Secrets might contain the plumbing inside Hogwarts, as Salazar Slytherin constructed it lengthy earlier than bathrooms and sinks have been invented. This led some followers to recommend that the opposite descendants of Slytherin continued to add to the Chamber to guard its location. The entry in regards to the Chamber of Secrets on Pottermore confirmed this concept by stating that Corvinus Gaunt (a scholar at Hogwarts) ensured that the Chamber might nonetheless be accessed when plumbing had been positioned on prime of it.

Harry Didn’t Name One Of His Kids Remus Because He Was Saving The Name For Teddy

albus potter the deathly hallows

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley had three kids collectively, who have been named James Sirius Potter, Lily Luna Potter, and Albus Severus Potter. Harry and Ginny named their kids after individuals who have been vital to them, however the followers observed a big identify that was lacking – Remus Lupin.

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One doable concept behind the absence of Remus’ identify within the Potter household was that Harry was leaving it free for Teddy Lupin to make use of for his future kids. This concept was confirmed by J. Ok. Rowling on Twitter. It’s straightforward to suppose that Harry and Ginny would try to squeeze out yet one more child, simply so they may identify him Hagrid Remus Potter and full the set.

Magic Is Genetic & Is Just Like Midi-Chlorians

Argus Filch Holding Mrs Norris in Harry Potter

J. Ok. Rowling was cautious to keep away from creating set boundaries on the results of magic, in order to maintain it mysterious and unpredictable. It appears like there may be much more science occurring behind the scenes within the Harry Potter universe than followers initially realized, as J. Ok. Rowling has confirmed that genetics play a component in figuring out whether or not somebody is a wizard or not.

The concept of magic genes had been floating round for the reason that days of Chamber of Secrets, as followers related magical DNA to the existence of Squibs inside the story. J. Ok. Rowling has confirmed that magical genes exist and that they’ll emerge in anybody, together with the descendants of Squibs and Muggles. She had initially deliberate for Dudley Dursely’s children to be witches and wizards however determined that Uncle Vernon’s genetics have been too sturdy for magic to ever emerge in his bloodline.

Godric Gryffindor Needed A Sword For Fighting Muggles

Harry Potter Retrieving Godric Gryffindors Sword From Pond

Magical swords are a fixture of fantasy tales, which is partly why the Sword of Godric Gryffindor seems within the Harry Potter sequence. It’s by no means defined within the story why Gryffindor wanted a sword within the first place, as a magic wand is way extra helpful than a mere blade, irrespective of how sturdy it’s.

One suggestion put ahead by the followers was that Gryffindor used the sword every time he wanted to struggle Muggles in public, as he might use swordplay to cowl the truth that he was utilizing magic. Pottermore confirmed this concept with the revelation that wizards typically carried typical weapons within the interval earlier than the International Statute of Secrecy was put in force, as utilizing magic towards a Muggle was thought-about to be unsporting.

Ariana Dumbledore Was An Obscurial

A portrait of Ariana Dumbledore.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows revealed that Albus Dumbledore had a youthful sister named Ariana. The particulars of Ariana’s life are murky within the books – all that is revealed is that she was mentally scarred following an incident with some Muggle kids and that she wasn’t capable of management her magical skills.

The first Fantastic Beasts film revealed the existence of Obscurials, that are witches and wizards that include a parasitic magical pressure inside them that’s introduced out when they’re pressured to repress their skills thus including to the Harry Potter theories surrounding her. the third Fantastic Beasts film delves just a little additional into Ariana and her dying, with Dumbledore revealing that she was, in actual fact, an Obscurial.

Harry Potter Fan Theories That Should Be Confirmed

The Mysterious Doorway Was A Means Of Executing Criminals

Harry Potter and his pals uncover a mysterious doorway deep inside the Ministry of Magic that appears to be an entrance to the afterlife. One of the unusual issues in regards to the room during which the mysterious doorway is saved is that it reminds Harry of the courtroom inside the Ministry of Magic, because it featured rows of benches that have been dealing with towards the dais that carried the doorway.

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The resemblance between the 2 rooms has led many followers to consider that the doorway as soon as acted as a method of execution, probably within the days earlier than the Avada Kedavra spell was found. It’s additionally doable that the execution of people was outlawed sooner or later, because the Death Eaters have been among the many worst criminals within the wizarding world, but all of them obtained jail sentences.

Triwizard Tournament Participants Are Signed Up Using A Variation Of The Unbreakable Vow

Triwizard Tournament Harry Potter

One of probably the most irritating unanswered questions in The Goblet of Fire is why Harry could not simply stop the Triwizard Tournament or simply instantly concede every occasion because it occurred. It’s acknowledged that every one contributors within the Triwizard Tournament are beneath the results of a “binding magical contract,” nevertheless it’s by no means defined what the implications of breaking that contract are. However, it needs to be worse than dealing with a dragon.

One doable clarification is that placing a reputation within the Goblet of Fire means collaborating in a variation of the Unbreakable Vow spell, with the promise that they’ll participate within the match to one of the best of their potential or lose their life. The reality that fireside is closely concerned with each the goblet and the vow is one other trace that there could also be a connection and it explains why Harry could not simply stop the Triwizard Tournament on the spot.

Dumbledore Fixed Hagrid’s Wand Using The Elder Wand

When Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts in his third 12 months, his wand was snapped. Hagrid would earn the best to make use of a wand once more sooner or later, which was on account of his position on the school of Hogwarts. It’s doable that Hagrid bought a brand new wand sooner or later, however there was somebody in Hogwarts with the ability to repair it.

Harry used the ability of the Elder Wand to repair his personal wand that had been damaged earlier within the story, which implies that it is doable that Albus Dumbledore mounted Hagrid’s wand utilizing the Elder Wand prior to now. Dumbledore needed to maintain his possession of the Elder Wand a secret, however he trusted Hagrid fully and Dumbledore typically went out of his method to assist him. Hagrid’s dodgy authorized state of affairs would even be excuse to make sure that Hagrid saved the deed a secret and Hagrid wasn’t realized sufficient to acknowledge the powers of the Elder Wand within the first place.

The Founders Of Hogwarts Each Reflect The Four Countries Of The United Kingdom

Hogwarts Founders Pottermore

The 4 founders of Hogwarts every established the 4 homes of the varsity, all of which represented the qualities that they prized. It was the job of the Sorting Hat to place the courageous in Gryffindor, the smart in Ravenclaw, the crafty in Slytherin, and people who did not pay their tuition price upfront in Hufflepuff.

One outstanding fan concept in regards to the 4 founders of Hogwarts is that in addition they characterize the 4 international locations of the United Kingdom. It’s recognized for a indisputable fact that Godric Gryffindor was from England, Rowena Ravenclaw was from Scotland, and Helga Hufflepuff was from Wales. Their colours are additionally intently related to the flags of every nation, with Hufflepuff’s yellow being associated to the flag of Saint David. Salazar Slytherin’s nation of origin has by no means been revealed, however it could make quite a lot of sense for him to have originated in Ireland.

Barty Crouch Jr, Bill Weasley, & Percy Weasley Used Time-Turners During Their Time At Hogwarts


David Tennant as Barty Crouch Jr in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

It was acknowledged in Prisoner of Azkaban that it was unimaginable to take all twelve O.W.L. lessons, on account of how the timetables labored. It was solely on account of the truth that Hermione was an incredible scholar that she was in a position to make use of a Time-Turner to try to take all of them.

It has been acknowledged that Barty Crouch Jr, Bill Weasley, and Percy Weasley acquired twelve O.W.L.s throughout their time at Hogwarts. This had led followers to consider that it was extra frequent for exemplary college students to obtain Time-Turners than followers have been led to consider. It’s possible that there’s an official course of for granting a Time-Turner to a scholar, however the lecturers solely ever focus on it with the uncommon college students who can deal with the workload. It is sensible that they do not need it to turn into frequent data that tremendous college students could be given free time machines, to be able to forestall any potential abuse of the ability.

Voldemort’s Rudimentary Body Was Created From Bertha Jorkin’s Unborn Child


Voldemort’s physique was destroyed when his personal spell bounced again on him, inflicting him to be diminished to a state that was worse than being a ghost. J. Ok. Rowling stated that she advised her editor how Voldemort created the rudimentary physique that he had at the beginning of Goblet of Fire, which was so dangerous that it made the editor sick.

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One doable method that Voldemort was capable of tackle his rudimentary physique was by possessing Bertha Jorkin’s unborn youngster. This darkish fan concept means that Bertha Jorkins was pregnant when she was captured in Albania and that Voldemort possessed her unborn youngster in the identical method that he did with Quirrell, solely he was capable of take over the whole physique on account of a scarcity of resistance. The fundamental cause why folks consider this concept is because of the truth that Voldemort’s rudimentary physique resembles a child when Harry first sees it.

Voldemort Ruled From The Shadows Because He Was Scared Of Other Wizard Governments

Dolores Umbridge and Pius Thicknesse at the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter

One of the most important questions that Harry Potter followers have in regards to the last e-book is why the opposite wizarding communities in different international locations by no means stepped in when Voldemort took energy. One doable reply is that Voldemort was truly cautious of worldwide interference, which is why he had his brokers working the Ministry of Magic as an alternative of outright declaring himself the king of the wizards.

It’s doable that there’s a wizard model of the Prime Directive in place, which states that any army motion might solely be prompted if the International Statute of Secrecy had been damaged. This is why the Death Eaters portrayed their takeover as a change in regime reasonably than a coup. Voldemort knew that he nonetheless had enemies inside Great Britain, so he might have needed to wash home earlier than turning his consideration to the world past his homeland within the Harry Potter concept.

The Reason Quidditch Makes No Sense Is Due To Advances In Broom Technology

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter Playing Quidditch

The guidelines of Quidditch are a continuing supply of rivalry amongst Harry Potter followers. Catching the Golden Snitch marks the top of a sport of Quidditch and grants 150 factors. This looks like a staggering quantity of factors in comparison with the ten factors somebody can get when scoring utilizing a Quaffle.

One doable reply for why Quidditch does not make sense includes the modifications in broom-making expertise. It’s recognized that there are variations within the high quality of brooms within the Harry Potter world, with the dearer ones being sooner. It’s doable that brooms weren’t as quick within the olden days, which meant that it took quite a bit longer for Seekers to meet up with the Golden Snitch. The wizarding world is simply too gradual at adapting to developments within the sport to alter the principles.

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Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange 2

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