10 Seed Starting Plant Growing Trays (Without Holes) – Durable, Reusable – Grow and Start Seeds, Good for Your Greenhouse, microgreens and Hydroponics – Pack of 10 Flats + Free Plant Labels

Price: $21.99
(as of Mar 29,2022 13:17:40 UTC – Details)

Pack of 10 Plant Growing trays with out holes and 10 free plant labels

Dimensions: 14.5″ X 9.0″ X 2.2″

These are medium sized trays smaller and extra manageable than the 20″ X 10″ trays

We discover these trays tremendous helpful for watering cells of germinating seeds and crops.
They save us time and maintain issues organised on the windowsill and within the greenhouse.

We hope that you will see them helpful too!

One tip I can go on is to make use of the tray to soak crops from beneath, this prevents disturbing seeds or seedlings and ensures they get simply the correct quantity of water.

We are a small gardening provides firm who promote helpful gardening tools to assist our prospects succeed within the backyard.

Best of luck together with your backyard!

10 PLANT GROWING TRAYS WITHOUT HOLES – Dimensions: 14.5″ X 9.0″ X 2.2″ – Medium dimension trays are straightforward to hold and match on a windowsill – Sturdier, simpler to hold and extra manageable than bigger trays
PERFECT FOR STARTING SEEDS, GROWING MICROGREENS, HERBS AND SALAD LEAVES – Useful for hydroponics, indoor gardening or in your greenhouse. Our prospects additionally use these as Wheatgrass trays, Microgreen trays and for Cat grass.
STRONG PLASTIC FLATS – Durable, reusable and recyclable
SAVE TIME WATERING PLANTS – NO LEAKS! – Just stand your cell inserts and plant pots in these trays and allow them to absorb the water!
10 PACK OF TRAYS – 10 Free plant labels included

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