10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Homelander As A Character

Even with season 3’s new additions to The Boys’ crowded panorama of characters, Homelander stays a captivating superhero, particularly now that he is leaning greater than ever into his diabolical facet. Sharing the excellence of co-captain with Starlight has solely made his ego extra aggressive, and he seeks new methods to validate his price.

If Homelander was a typical Superman cipher he would not be practically as fascinating as he’s, however his should be cherished and get his manner in any respect prices reveals the darkish impact of fame on the cape and cowl way of life. These memes seize the heroism that the general public associates with Homelander, the narcissism he reveals to different members of The Seven, and the evil he reserves for the Boys.


Homelander Is What Happens If Captain America And Superman Turned Evil

Homelander with Captain America and Superman meme

With an American flag for a cape and golden eagles on his shoulders, Homelander must be the epitome of liberty and justice, identical to Marvel’s Captain America or DC’s Superman. But in contrast to Cap or the Big Blue Boyscout, Homelander is not selfless or heroic, and continues to tarnish their altruistic reputations.

From the very first season, when he refused to avoid wasting determined airplane passengers from an incident he brought about, his character’s morality was firmly proven as hypocritical. Even with all his superhuman skills, if there’s an opportunity that one thing dangerous may occur to Homelander (or his popularity), he’ll gladly sacrifice as many individuals because it takes to keep away from it.

Homelander Is An Unexpected Fan Favorite

Homelander supposed to be evil meme

Despite the vanity, selfishness, and aggression that outline him, Homelander has turn out to be an surprising fan-favorite. Much of this may be attributed to Antony Starr’s efficiency, which strikes a steadiness between over-the-top caricature and charming sociopath, and is very often considered one of the funniest characters on The Boys.

There are glimpses of Homelander’s humanity that come via, too, particularly when interacting together with his son, and Starr manages to extract a modicum of empathy for followers to attach with. One of Homelander’s hallmarks is being unpredictable, and most followers cannot wait to see what he does subsequent.

Homelander Saves Lives When He Feels Like It

Homelander save me drowning meme

Some of one of the best Homelander quotes spotlight his vanity and vanity. At the top of the day, being a superhero is all in regards to the glory and the celebrity, not about saving lives. As this meme demonstrates, Homelander’s tremendous with showing to be a hero fairly than performing his duties as one, and when he does save a village from hurt, like in season 2, his liaise-fair strategy to his job ends in surprising collateral harm.

The Boys does a terrific job of capturing the PR machine behind superheroes, with Vought CEO Stan Edgar typically evaluating them to “merchandise” that should be marketed or “youngsters” who should be managed. Vought created Homelander to be the proper superhero for the general public, however by no means accounted for the way his unimaginable powers would have an effect on how he perceived the folks he was supposed to avoid wasting.

Homelander Sees Himself As Better Than Everyone Else

Homelander sees the public as mud people meme

Quite typically Homelander sees himself as a “superior” being, extra akin to a “god” than even a superhero, leading to Vought spending a big a part of its time ensuring that most of the people does not get smart to Homelander’s private views.

In season 3, Homelander unexpectedly lets the general public know that it is “troublesome” to be so a lot better than them, and fairly than his approval rankings dropping, he sees a spike in reputation, and is seen as sincere, forthright, and even inspirational for “telling it like it’s.” He turns into an surprising beacon of nonconformity for not cowtowing to forms, at the same time as he is insulting his fanbase.

Does It Come In Fascist?

Homelander and Stormfront as fascist version of Thor and Captain America meme

When Homelander meets Stormfront, sparks fly. Not solely does their adversarial regard for one another result in one thing romantic, there is a chemistry between them that goes past the truth that he shoots lasers from his eyes and she will channel pure vitality.

As this meme suggests, Homelander and Stormfront are just like the fascist model of Captain America and Thor, with the latter exhibiting Homelander simply how simple it’s to regulate and manipulate folks based mostly on their static ideologies. Their relationship supplies a sobering research in cognitive bias, and the unimaginable hurt it may trigger.

It’s Never A Good Sign When Homelander Smiles

Homelander smiling meme

Not solely do his superpowers separate him from different folks, his incapability to manage his feelings additionally put Homelander at odds with these round him. From most of the people, to Vought overlords, to his friends in The Seven, Homelander finds it more and more troublesome to shift between moods because the seasons progress.

At one level, Homelander’s prepared smile might need impressed camaraderie, however now, at any time when followers see it, they marvel who’s getting lasered. Now a patronizing pantomime, it precedes him turning into explosively offended with somebody, successfully rendering it a paradoxical and disingenuous image, not in contrast to himself.

Got Milk?

Homelander and Stillwell Got Milk? meme

In the primary season of The Boys, Madelyn Stillwell isn’t solely accountable for managing The Seven, however Homelander particularly, and appears to be the one one who can management him. Pregnant on the time, he seeks her out for intimate moments involving lactation, and whereas followers might proceed to marvel about Homelander’s Stillwell milk obsession, their bond was a approach to present how vulernable Homelander was prepared to be.

Vought created him, however as a result of he was raised in a lab and never in a pure house atmosphere, he typically reverted to being a frightened youngster (with superhuman skills) searching for validation from his creators. Homelander has all the time desired a household, and for a short second, he felt like he obtained his want, particularly since making an attempt to attach together with his personal son all the time proved troublesome.

Don’t Trust Homelander If He Says Things Are Fine

Homelander as Gatsby meme

While some characters on the collection are written to replicate sure superhero stereotypes, Homelander stays considered one of one of the best characters on The Boys due to his complexity. As a twisted model of Superman or Captain America, he is in a position to go from superhero to supervillain nearly immediately.

When Vought wants to switch Deep in The Seven, Homelander has a hand in choosing replacements. When he is proven a “in another way abled” superhero named Blindspot, he lulls the younger man right into a false sense of safety by making him really feel welcome, earlier than mercilessly wounding him in entrance of Vought personnel to claim his dominance. It successfully demonstrates how a lot Homelander is in charge of The Seven from an emic and political perspective.

Homelander Loves Black Noir

Homelander loves Black Noir meme

The most enigmatic and cryptic of The Seven, Black Noir has all the time loved a wholesome respect from his fellow superheroes, however nothing in comparison with how he is perceived by Homelander. Normally financial with is reward, Homelander acknowledges Black Noir for mediocre issues that different members of The Seven would get no recognition for.

In season 3, Black Noir is revealed to be part of Payback, a workforce of superheroes that preceded The Seven across the time of the Vietnam War. As the oldest member of the group, then, Black Noir has a seniority that Homelander appears to admire, giving him distinction amongst his friends.

Who Wore It Best Homelander Or Captain Amazing

Homelander as Captain Amazing meme

If points of Homelander’s onscreen character appear acquainted, it could possibly be as a result of they’re just like Captain Amazing. Captain Amazing is not a superhero from Marvel or DC however Mystery Men, a film that focuses on a ragtag workforce of misfit heroes who should save the well-known hero after he is captured by his biggest nemesis.

Like Homelander, Captain Amazing loses reputation when he places all supervillains behind bars. Unless he can battle a worthy enemy, his sponsors threaten to drag his endorsements. The comedy is not as darkish as The Boys, however it makes an attempt to indicate the susceptibility of egos with superpowers to the courtroom of public opinion, with Homelander offering the proper case research.

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