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New kids story book about tractor life published by Penguin Random House.

By Andrew Joseph, Farms.com

It’s a book for kids—about tractors on the farm!

Recently published by Penguin Random House, the rhyming children’s book, 10 Little Tractors, takes a fun look at how each farm vehicle spends its day on the farm.

Written by Annie Bailey of Rexburg, Idaho and playfully illustrated by Jeff Harter, she said she was introduced to farms at an early age when she would visit her grandfather’s ranch in Utah, where she also grew up.

Even though she lived in the city as a child, her mom had grown up on a farm and instilled that love into Bailey when the family bought the lot next door to recreate a farm for her, with her own horse and a goat and more.

For Bailey, though she wrote the 24-page book for all four of her sons who all play or played with toy cars, it was her youngest who inspired her this time when she saw him playing with his toy tractors, a favourite.

“10 little tractors ready for the day. Shift into gear—Brummmm! Now they’re on their way.”

10 Little Tractors is Bailey’s first book, with her second book—10 Little Excavators—coming out in February, and a third—Mud—to be published in March–all in 2022.


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